Chapter 50:My Name is Minato Namikaze

One night reflection

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And on that night.

Although Naruto did not conduct any other training.

But it is also a sorting out of the two battles during this period, especially after experiencing today’s head-on confrontation with Hagi Kakashi, Naruto has another question about the life-and-death struggle between the rebel Mizuki a few days ago. I have gained a deeper understanding, and I have also further realized my serious lack of combat experience and combat skills. Let me put it more bluntly. Under the same conditions, let the current Naruto and the one who has not experienced any battle before. If Naruto fights, the former will gain an overwhelming advantage. There is no doubt that this is the most obvious gap between experience and skill.

Of course, in the battle with Mizuki, Mizuki's combat effectiveness soared beyond Naruto's expectation. After all, Mizuki did not suddenly increase his strength in the original work. The deity simply relied on the shadow clone's human tactics to force Mizuki to death. , And in this life, against Mizuki, Naruto can't find the opportunity to release ninjutsu. Although it proves from the side that Naruto's speed and chakra use need to be strengthened, it is also the most intuitive What it shows is the complete crushing of combat experience and combat skills.

Ninjas are not samurai.

The so-called head-on confrontation is even less respected (although in Naruto it is almost always head-on head-to-head.)

The moment of battle.

It is changing rapidly.

The slightest change.

Even the slightest gap.

It can lead to the worst result-death!

For the ninja.

Survival is everything.

Results take precedence over process.

Regardless of the way and means.

This is the consciousness that a ninja must have.

At this point, in today's special survival exercise, Kakashi also repeatedly emphasized to the three of them.

The phrase "If you want to get a bell, you have to hold the consciousness to kill me."

It is the best direct proof.

Against Kakashi.

Naruto realized this more fully.

It is because of the life and death struggle with Mizuki.

Let Naruto have a more real feeling about the battle.

Judgment, perception, and the ability to see one's own position, clarify the goal of the battle, as a qualified and even excellent ninja.

The most perfect and fiercest battle.

It often depends on a moment.

The ninja who can do this is the most outstanding existence.

And it must be able to be decisive in an instant.

There must also be perseverance and patience.

Fight with Mizuki.

Naruto is fighting for his own death fight.

And Kakashi's bell-robbing battle.

Naruto relied on his own goal-oriented and inducing tactics.

And these are all part of the combat consciousness.

in turn.

These two battles can be turned into necessary combat experience.

Let Naruto become more handy in the next battle.

To understand the enemy, but also to understand yourself.

People who can't see their position are often rookie characters who can't survive three chapters.

Since the re-lived life.

Naruto naturally wants to live to the end, but also to be the only protagonist in this world.

This world is wrong!

And since there is an error!

Then it needs to be corrected.

And Naruto has such confidence and ambition.

Of course, you can also be said to be arrogant.

But there is no doubt that this is Naruto's greatest goal from the source deep in his heart!

Want to change the world.

Then you must have the corresponding power.

Which is important, fist and reason?

Naruto has always believed that a person with no strength, his reasoning cannot be extended, and a person with strength and no reason is nothing more than a bullying and unreliable violence. Naruto does not want to be the former, nor does he want to be the latter. Or, Naruto just wants to be a man who has the strength to reason!

Just like the original Hokage that established the Konoha Village.

Did Senjujuma really influence the first generation movie of the Four Ninja Villages by his sincerity? In exchange for temporary peace?

Do not!

From Naruto’s point of view, it’s just that the first generation of Hokage is strong enough to make the other four ninja villages need to be afraid to unite, and then add the necessary benefits (the division of tail beasts, etc.), and this is in exchange. Temporary peace in the Ninja world.

Both are indispensable.

With only power, human beings will fight for profit after all, even if this fight may bring death.

With only benefits, human beings will fight to satisfy the infinite greed in their hearts, no matter how much it costs.

Therefore, after the news that Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara were in the Battle of End Valley, it was reported that the two died one after another, the Ninja War broke out, for the country, for resources, for the tail beast, and even more for the sake of the country. Dominate and so on!

Naruto once believed that the original Hokage’s path to establish Konoha Village was correct, but the latter part of the road was wrong.

What Naruto wanted to do now was to correct the wrong part of Senjujuma.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

That's right, this is almost the same as Uchiha Madara's view-Senju Junma is innocent and stupid!

However, Naruto will take a more realistic approach.

It's not the same naive approach of Lord Madara, and it's still being fooled by others.

And want to achieve this goal.

Naruto needs more power.

It is not only to consider facing these current enemies.

It is even more important to consider Uchiha Madara who is still waiting for resurrection in the underworld.

Kaguya Ji who is waiting to lift the seal.

There may also be other big barrels that may arrive.

as well as!

It seems that peace is the biggest boost.

But it is possible to become one of Naruto's biggest enemies now-Datongmu Yuyi, also known as the Six Ways of Immortals.

In the gap between the void, he still watched the old man in Shinobi.

Naruto never ignored his existence.

Especially when he has Ashura Chakra in his body, which is regarded as a rebirth of Ashura in a certain sense, Naruto also has great fear of this "cheap father". God knows whether he will notice his own. A different view, which gave rise to the idea of ​​directly destroying oneself and re-correcting the historical track?

Of course, these are all nonsensical thoughts that Naruto once had at a certain moment.

Leaving aside whether this dead Six Dao immortal has the ability to peek into the human heart, even if he did, he would not necessarily think that Naruto's own ideas were wrong!

Looking at the original work.

This Six Dao Immortal is more like a bystander. The only thing that can be regarded as a firm goal is to not want to resuscitate his mother. The rest of the matter seems to be handled by the humans in the ninja world.

Of course, all of these.

They are all unfounded speculations by Naruto.

The original plot can only be used as a reference to a certain degree, not to mention that there are still many huge loopholes and bugs in it.

Just, the above.

It's all the reason Naruto wants to press himself harder and make himself stronger quickly.

Because it is not strong enough.

So I can't be sure.

But if you have absolute strength, do you still need to look forward to the future?


Who has the greatest truth?

The truths taught by powerful people are the greatest truths!

After officially becoming a ninja.

Reflection of the night.

Ling Naruto further clarified his future path.

And the necessary training plan during this period of time and so on.

Make full use of your own plot prophet advantage.

Speed ​​up the pace of becoming stronger as much as possible.

in the future.

Really control your own destiny.

So as to realize the ambition in my heart!

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