Chapter 51:My Name is Minato Namikaze

the goal

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One day, in the morning, outside Konoha Village, somewhere in the forest not very far away.

The blazing sun poured down on the earth.

Through the layers of green shade.

It also makes this forest filled with a warm atmosphere.

And it is in this forest.

At this moment.

There are four figures scattered in different positions.

And there are three figures among them.

Taking a certain position as the center point, spreading into three angles, forming a circle, slowly approaching.

"Number one is already in place."

"Number two is also in place."

"The number three has reached the designated target, the mission target has appeared, do you want to capture it?"

"Can you confirm the goal?"

"Yes! It has been confirmed that it is the mission goal!"

"How far is it from the goal?"

"Less than five meters, you can do it at any time!"

"Very good! Then follow the established plan, scatter and surround, and directly capture the target! Be careful not to let the target escape, but also to be careful not to injure the target! Ensure the absolute safety of the target!"


"Then! Go!"





Among the lush forests.


A violent wind rose.

Three silhouettes flew out quickly. At the center of the split and flanking attack, a certain fat tiger cat, who was slightly resting on a tree trunk, squinted his eyes, suddenly leaped out from the three silhouettes. The moment he pressed for it, he suddenly woke up.

"Meow meow meow!?"

The eyes opened quickly.

The three figures approaching in the cat's eyes were reflected.

The fat cat suddenly uttered an extremely deterrent shout, and the moment he would want to escape from here, he realized that it was too late. In less than a second, a blue figure intercepted the fat cat in advance. On the only way forward, when the road ahead was blocked, the Fat Cat's face showed a anthropomorphic expression of horror.

After the next burst of hair, he wanted to turn around immediately and flee in the other direction.


Very clever timing.

Another golden figure was intercepted in advance at the angle of the fat cat's turning around. The body leaning forward slightly, with his hands unceremoniously grabbing forward, it effortlessly took the fat cat into his arms. in.

"Mission completed! The goal has been successfully captured!"

Than this moment.

The other two figures also happened to fall on the side.

These three figures are not other people.

It was just a few days ago that he just passed the final assessment of Hagi Kakashi, and officially became the seventh class of Konoha Shinobu-three people such as Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura.

The tiger-patterned fat cat in Naruto's arms, which is still struggling frantically, is the mission goal of Class 7 today.

And this fat cat with tiger stripes is the fat cat with a "tragic fate" familiar to almost everyone in the original book.

It can even be said that this fat cat’s life, no, the cat’s life experience can be written as an adventure, and it is still the magnificent one. Naruto and others are not the first to capture the characters this time. This time, it will never be the last time.

And looking at the fat tiger cat who wanted to escape from his arms, Naruto couldn’t help but think of the fat cat’s owner, the wife of the famous country of fire. ——Mrs. Shijimi, that horrible figure comparable to a "beast", Naruto himself couldn’t help but shivered, and once again looked at the tiger-printed fat cat in his arms, Naruto People can't help but show a touch of sympathy in their pupils.

Only sympathy goes to sympathy.

This is a task after all.

Besides, Naruto is counting on the rewards he can get for the task.

Regardless of the reason.

It is impossible for Naruto to let go of the poor fat cat in his arms.

"Well, the tiger stripes on the body are sure, and the red bandage is there. That's right, you can be 100% sure that it is this fat cat."

Kozakura got a little closer, and after carefully checking the details of the fat tiger-patterned cat in Naruto's arms, she nodded in satisfaction and said.

Sasuke still looked cool and didn't say a word.

"Well, that's good. If it can be confirmed that it is the mission target, then go back to the village and hand in the mission. The employer must be anxious too.

Haaki Kakashi, who had just walked leisurely from a position not far away, also glanced at the fat cat in Naruto's arms, and said in a lazy tone.

And it was just when Kakashi's words fell.

Naruto could clearly feel that the fat cat in his arms was struggling more crazily, more struggling, the slight jitter that was clearly visible with the naked eye, and the humanized look of fear that emerged from the cat’s eyes. , Naruto was stunned slightly, and immediately shook his head with a funny look.

"It's really a poor little cat."

While thinking about this, Naruto used his hands harder. On the premise of ensuring that the fat cat was not harmed, the more he confined the tiger- patterned fat cat, the rewards for the tasks obtained can't be lost so easily. That's it!

You know, Naruto now desperately wants to save more money.

It can improve their food.

You can even change this set of dirty clothes on your body in the future.

Previously, I was limited by not having any money on my body, but also because there would not be any store in Konoha Village that would receive me.

Naruto has no way to change his clothes.

Now it's different.

After graduating from Ninja school, he successfully became a Shionin. Now Naruto walks on the street. Although there are still a lot of people who look at themselves with strange eyes, they even talk about why Naruto-sama wants to let him The demon fox became a ninja and the like, but on the surface, no ordinary resident dared to bully Naruto blatantly like when Naruto was a child, and he even had to show a little respect on the surface.

Nothing, just because of Naruto's ninja status.

And this era belongs to the era of ninjas.

The ninja is not only a status, but also a symbol of strength.

The ordinary people in Konoha Village naturally dare not treat Naruto with their previous attitudes (the changes in the mood of Konoha villagers towards Naruto in the original work are also roughly divided into four stages. The first Naruto becomes a ninja, and the first Naruto becomes a ninja. The two Naruto shined brightly in the Zhongnin exam. The third Naruto followed Jiraji and invited Tsunade back to serve as the fifth generation of Naruto. The fourth defeated the incoming Nagato and became the salvation of Konoha in the eyes of the general public. The hero of Ye Village was truly recognized by everyone in Konoha Village, and laid the foundation for becoming Hokage later. These are mentioned in the original work.)

The Naruto in these original works may care, but Naruto in this life doesn’t care at all. It’s just that the current self can finally rely on the identity of a ninja without being rejected by the bright side to buy all kinds of Materials are also much more convenient.

And Naruto, who has always wanted to change this pair of turtle clothes on himself.

Naturally, you need to earn more rewards for tasks.

Fortunately, I have funds to customize the equipment I want in the future.

So, although I think this fat cat is pitiful.

However, for your own "money" process!

Naruto will never allow this kitten to escape!

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