Chapter 52:My Name is Minato Namikaze

The opportunity you want

And since being recognized by Kakashi.

Since he officially became Konoha Shinobu, he has performed missions in a team mode.

During this time.

The missions performed by the seventh class are all D-level, although compared to the general ninja village, the number of missions in Konoha village is more, and under the same task, the ninjas in Konoha village can get all the rewards. There are more ninjas than other Ninja villages, not only in the amount of share, but also in quality (this is also one of the reasons why the Ninja War broke out three times before, of course, more of them also include the country, right Abundant resources, greed for the interests of tail beasts, etc.)

Although the remuneration is considered to be the highest on the same terms.

But this is only a D-level task after all, finding lost items, caring for children, catching beasts, and weeding tasks. The rewards are really high, and they are not much higher. In addition, they still pick up the tasks in squad mode. According to Yecun’s regulations, teams like Naruto led by Shangren perform tasks, regardless of whether Shangren participates or not. Anyway, the final distribution of rewards is 40% of Shangren, and the rest is Ming. People, Sasuke, and Sakura are assigned.

So the money in hand is really not much.

In addition, Naruto himself still has necessary expenses.

Naturally, the reward for the task now can be one or two or one or two more. The fat cat in his arms is already a duck that is already cooked and about to be delivered to his mouth. How can Naruto let it fly away again!

"After all, the time should be almost the same, right?"

Under the leadership of Kakashi, on the way back to the Konoha mission release and collection center of the 7th class of four, Naruto's mind could not help but emerge from the original story about the country of Nami.

Naruto must not remember the specific time.

But this point after capturing this fat cat.

Naruto still remembered very clearly.

The most important thing is that this task is not accepted through the normal mode.

The original work is similar to Naruto's stubborn entanglement before being followed by the seventh class.

In this life.

Although Naruto also wanted to receive this task.

But he would never use the nonsensical way of the original deity in the original book, without mentioning the question of whether or not he is ashamed. Naruto is not such a persona now.

Take this posture.

You can't be watched by all the staff and look at it with suspicion?

On the way back here.

Naruto is also slowly wondering in his heart what way he needs to be able to accept the seemingly C-level but actually A-level tasks in the original book.

There must be risks.

If you don't cut it anymore, it is the famous Wunin Seven.

In terms of strength, it is also the TOP existence of Shangnin.

The girl who was painted insisted that he was a boy, who would use an ice shield, and the boy named Bai was even more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke at this stage.

But precisely because of this.

Ming talent wants to receive this task even more.

Because when there is no disparity in strength, a certain risk, or even a life threatening danger, is more likely to stimulate a person's potential, especially after experiencing the life and death struggle with Mizuki, Naruto can truly experience this kind of battle. What does it mean for a ninja!

Fight the strong.

Only then can you truly achieve the purpose of sharpening yourself.

Make yourself stronger.

The ninja itself is always on the tightrope of life and death.

Not to mention that Naruto himself was originally a special existence, wanting to live a comfortable life? Don’t be kidding, the Chakra of Ashura, the orphan of the fourth generation of Hokage, also has Nine Tails sealed on his body. No matter what it is, it is destined that Naruto cannot avoid the maelstrom in this world. Besides, Naruto himself himself I don't want to avoid it.

As long as you dive in, you will have the possibility of realizing your ambitions.

And the worst result is nothing more than death.

As Naruto who has died once, it is deceptive to say that there is no fear, but Naruto has the consciousness to face death. This time, the mission of Nami no Kuni is the one that Naruto is bound to win. The mission is not just for the reason not to cut it anymore. That rich and enemy's Cardo is also Naruto's goal. To achieve his goals in the future, the necessary funds are indispensable, and Cardo is undoubtedly indispensable. It is Naruto's best goal at this stage.

Although it may involve the name of the country of Poland, and even some nobles in the country of fire.

But for Naruto.

They are all trivial issues.

"Yo Xi! It's decided! Try it later! Can you win the task of protecting that drunkard?"

Looking at the Konoha mission center close at hand.

Naruto took a deep breath and made up his mind inwardly.

"Ah! My beloved little tiger, I finally found you! You worry me to death! Baby! Don't run away next time!"

In the task transfer center.

A body shape and appearance are all in line with Naruto’s previous expectations. It can barely be said to be a middle-aged woman who is a noblewoman. After seeing the fat cat in Naruto’s arms, the arms that are thrown away are completely inconsistent with that body shape. With a quick pace, he came straight to Naruto, grabbed the fat tiger-printed cat from Naruto’s arms, and hugged it tightly to his chest, as if he was trying to rub the fat cat into himself. Her arms were normal, and this Mrs. Shijimi was still struggling to squeeze the fat cat in her arms with her round face.

And looking at the tiger-patterned fat cat with an unlovable expression.

The corners of Naruto's mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Although it had been predicted, Naruto almost didn't control his facial expression after seeing such a "beautiful" scene on the spot.

You don’t see that Sasuke, who has always been indifferent, can’t control the corners of his mouth at this moment, and he lifted a little. It makes sense. After seeing this scene, even Sasuke feels a bit pitiful for the fat tiger cat in the arms of the famous lady. .

The owner of the stall.

Isn't it the most normal thing for this cat to want to run away?

The Sakura who was standing behind Naruto shrugged her shoulders, showing an expression that she wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh, and whispered.

"No wonder that cat wants to run away. Whoever changes it, can't stand it."


Although Kakashi behind him could not help but a little bit of laughter, but the good ninja qualities still made Kakashi hold back a smile, and lowered his voice to remind Haruno Sakura in front of him.

Haruno Sakura also remembered that the employer was still there, and put out her tongue with a little Hao Ran expression.

"It's really the same rice that raises a hundred kinds of people."

Seeing Mrs. Shijimi who left under the protection of the guard after confirming that there is no problem with her beloved "Little Tiger", she just paid the remaining task rewards, Naruto couldn't help shook her head again, and thought to herself. With.

Thanks to this, you can become the wife of the fire country daimyo.

Does that daimyo have multiple tastes?

I think of certain scenarios.

Naruto shuddered once again, shaking his head vigorously, clearing the bad images from his mind.

On the side, Sasuke glanced at Naruto with a strange look.

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