Chapter 707:Mystery: Start with the Reader

Derrick's growth

The Land Abandoned by God, in the "daytime" with frequent lightning, the exploration team finally returned to the City of Silver.

Looking at the city wall covered with weeds in the cracks, Derrick was in a trance, as if he had been away for many years.

Behind him, "Demon Hunter" Colin Iliad suddenly lost his eyes, raised his hand and pressed his right temple.

Just as the rest of the team was filled with heartfelt joy and relaxation, the chief took out a gear book full of mechanical beauty from his pocket.

That was what Derrick handed over to him when the team members reported to explore and receive the goods.

He has already remembered the origin of this book, and all the previous "cycle" experiences, so he naturally attaches importance to this gear book that can ignore the power of the "Angel of Destiny".

"Fallen Star... Is this book needed by the existence behind Derrick?

"He took the initiative to give the book to me... Was it a gesture of kindness, or did he have other plans?"

Staring at Derrick's back for a while, Colin withdrew his gaze and made up his mind.

A day later, Derrick Berg, who was taking a break at home, walked out of the house and headed towards the twin towers.

He went to the library to look up the historical materials related to the blood clan, so that Mr. Moon would understand that the City of Silver really never forged history.

He came all the way to the minaret, went up to the third floor, and entered the library.

Just as he was about to walk towards the bookshelf with mythological materials and ancient books, out of the corner of his eyes, he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

It was a fair and beautiful woman in her thirties, wearing a black robe with many mysterious purple patterns, and her silver-gray hair was slightly curled down.

She is Lovia Tiffany, the elder of the six-member council who has been imprisoned for a long time!

The other party's light gray eyes swept across, and Derrick suddenly felt like his soul was being pierced, and he stiffened for a second uncontrollably.

"Good luck, Elder Lovia." He hurriedly lowered his head and pressed his hand to his chest.

Lovia came over and nodded lightly:

"I've been released from quarantine."

After she finished speaking calmly, she turned and left, as if to announce something.

For her announcement, Derrick originally thought that he would be afraid and nervous, but in fact he actually felt a sense of "finally here" relaxation in his heart.

After all, Elder Lovia's release was something that Mr. Tower had long expected, and why she was released, Mr. "The Hanged Man" also analyzed it very clearly for him.

When the cause and effect of an event are all clear, then there is nothing to fear.

"What's scary is Mr. Tower and Mr. The Hanged Man... It seems that all the coping methods of our senior officials in Silver City are being 'staged' as they imagined...

"And Elder Lovia's actions just now don't make any sense. After all, even if she is released, she will definitely not mess up, and she won't do anything to me in Silver City...

"As for the exploration... The chief who is on guard against her and me will definitely not let us act alone."

Thinking of this, Derrick suddenly felt that he seemed to be able to figure out a lot of things, and he was no longer always in the dark like before...

"This should benefit from the 'way of thinking' taught by Mr. Tower and Mr. The Hanged Man... They are so good to me, I secretly think they are terrible... This is so inappropriate."

After Derrick repented a few words to Mr. Fool, he thought again:

"Mr. Tower said that Elder Lovia's release should be regarded as a signal, a signal that the chief wants to have contact!

"After all, if you don't want to contact, where do you need checks and balances?"

With this in mind, Derrick didn't have the heart to check the information any more, and went straight back to his home.

Round tower, in the chief room.

Colin Iliad, who had gray hair and a scar on his face, quietly listened to "Shadow"'s report, and nodded lightly:

"Derrick went straight home after seeing Lovia?"

Having said this, he paused and said with emotion, "He has grown up... I don't know if it was the teaching of that 'Amon'."

"Your Excellency, do you really want to withdraw the power to monitor Lovia and Derrick?" The Shadow asked hesitantly.

"It's enough to maintain the necessary monitoring on the periphery, you don't need to go deep into their lives... Hehe, their connection with the mysterious existence is beyond our imagination. Even if we keep monitoring, we can't find any clues... It's better to let go." Colin Has already pointed to the authentic, "And I also want to know what he can bring me... I hope it's not a bad thing."

Hearing the Chief's words, the "Shadow" monitor said thoughtfully:

"I understand!"


Chorwood, at the villa at 28 Kingster Street.

Facing Arrodes' question, after struggling fiercely, Fanny did not answer and chose to punish.

Those things let Abner know that she didn't care, but Hugh and Hazel were also present... which made it difficult for her to say it.

With the green lightning appearing out of thin air, Fanny's long hair, which she had specially kept for half a year, stood up straight and covered with the same color.

Abner, who had long thought of this situation, immediately cast the secret technique "Vaolit's Perfect Recovery", which eliminated the traces of lightning strikes on Fanny's body in just a few seconds.

However, Fanny's body was still a little numb, and with the help of Xio, she sat tremblingly on the sofa, panting while shaking.

"Who else wants to try?" Abner observed Fanny's aura, and after confirming that she was fine, he looked at Hazel and Hugh again and asked.

Hugh and Hazel looked at each other, and their original enthusiasm disappeared after seeing the question Fanny was asked, so Qi Qi shook his head.

Xio thinks that this mirror technique is not as easy to use as Abner and His Royal Highness Vera. It is better to ask them... Not to mention that Mr. Fool is still there. If you want to know anything, you can go to collect Roselle. Er's diary in exchange.

As for what Abner had been refusing to tell her about the secret behind her father's death, Hugh actually had some guesses now, and also knew that there were some things that she should not understand now, otherwise it might lead to disasters and harm her friends.

Since this is the case, Xio no longer insists on it. Anyway, Abner told her to tell her the truth when she arrives at a demigod... And a demigod, half a year ago, she only felt out of reach, but now, having seen the card of blasphemy, " Even though she has already acquired the Extraordinary characteristics of "Knight of Retribution", she is confident that she is very close!

"What's more, a secret technique that uses a '2' level sealed artifact will probably not tell me the truth... So, why should I rush to reveal my privacy?" Although thinking so, Hugh's His eyes flickered a few times, ready to learn this secret technique, and turned back to teach Forsi and even His Highness Vera.

Hazel on the other side was also memorizing the key to this secret technique, and wanted to use this secret technique under the watch of Bishop Utravsky after he went back.

——Answering similar questions in front of Abner would make her feel ashamed, but in Bishop Utravsky she felt nothing, after all, he was a gracious elder, and he would never hide anything from him. Nor will he laugh at himself or gossip.

At this time, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Abner hurriedly ended the ceremony and simply packed up the candles, mirrors and other supplies before opening the door.

Outside the door, Mrs. Scudder glanced at Miss Fanny, who was slumped on the sofa, and quickly retracted her gaze, saying, "It's your telegram... from Mr. Gaston from Damir. "

Damir? Is my "Transformation Wand \- Fire" sold? The third officer on the "Dark Emperor" is willing to exchange information with me that the "Deep Sea Lieutenant General" will not hesitate to hunt down and kill him and hide it?

While thinking about it, Abner took the telegram and read it carefully, and found that Mr. Gaston didn't say much other than asking him to meet within a day or two.

That's right, after all, it's a clear telegram, and Mr. Gaston must not write some suspicious words and names...

Just as he was thinking about it in his heart and was about to use a "prophecy" to predict whether there would be a problem with Mr. Gaston, a thick gray mist suddenly appeared in front of him, and then he saw Derrick clasping his hands together, reporting A scene from the latest situation in the City of Silver.

"Is there any hint of contact? Oh, it just so happens that you can borrow Mr. Gaston's workshop to create a one-time item containing the 'Violet Perfect Recovery Technique'."



As the whistle sounded, Klein's White Agate sailed into Damir Harbor.

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