Chapter 4381:Naruto Dimensional System

Destiny · Every dragon meets a tiger

Therefore, the clothes on her body are tattered, and they can't block anything at all. Her figure is not well developed, or she is not that plump figure. It looks pitiful, but it is also easy to satisfy some of the hobbies of those nobles.

Li sighed, "There's no need to cover it up, I won't do anything to a little girl like you."

Like a little beast whose tail has been stepped on, Xiao Ai suddenly raised her head and shouted, "I'm sixteen years old! According to the laws of the empire, I can already get married! It's not a small..." She called out only to see Something was thrown over, but she quickly caught it but was stunned, because at this time the thing that was thrown over was a dress.

But it wasn't the dresses of ordinary noble ladies, but the dresses of those adventurers. He glanced at her and said, "Put it on, or I'll be annoyed."

Xiao Ai lowered her head, turned her back and put the clothes on her body, but found that the clothes fit perfectly. How could she know that she could see all her figure clearly just by looking at it, and Xiao Ai didn't either. Thinking that Li can make a dress in an instant.

Xiao Ai put the sword on her back after putting on her clothes, while Li asked, "The name of this sword is Solomon?"

"Yes." Xiao Ai said timidly. She didn't know why she felt that the scene in front of her had become very terrifying, as if she would be torn to shreds as long as she resisted. The sudden feeling made her a little sad.

"Huh? Is that the sound of the sword that let me enter Tayi Guer's mansion?" Li looked at Xiao Ai and said, he knew that although this was the result of the will of the world, it was definitely not the will of the world. Call yourself to the past, if according to what you know before.

The current will of the world is actually incomplete, at least he has no way to act arbitrarily, because now the apostle is observing the world, if he is torn apart by the apostles, then he will at least fear the apostle, and at the same time The reason why the hometown loved by the apostles was turned into ruins is also inseparable from the will of the world.

Then the final result is that once the will of the world is exposed in this world, the apostles may be dispatched collectively, at least Herder will use all the power and the will of the world to come well.

Anyway, now Terra Star has become a demon world, so they probably have nothing to worry about!

Therefore, the method used by the World Will now is to kill people with a knife. Even if the World Will has been severely damaged, most of the things that happen in this world should not escape its attention, so it can find an agent to come. To deal with himself, that person is Taygur.

Or the man Taygur was its ** from the beginning...

Xiao Ai turned her head to the side and said, "The Sword of Solomon is a weapon that can change the fate of others, no matter how mediocre a person's fate is, if he gets the Sword of Solomon, then it will become turbulent, It can even reach the pinnacle of power, because this sword will continue to attract people who have a good impression of the host, and those who have hostile intentions towards the host. My father once said that if you don't have enough strength, you can master it. If you have this sword, you will either quickly improve your strength with the help of your friends, or you will die at the hands of an endless stream of enemies."

Li frowned, "In other words, the host of Solomon's Excalibur is actually your father, not you."

Xiao Ai nodded quickly, and Li also understood why Xiao Ai couldn't really use the power in this sword when she got here, even if she couldn't use the underlying laws here, this sword shouldn't be so useless. use it?

Li continued to ask, "What does this sword have to do with the world that this portal leads to?"

Xiao Ai shook her head quickly, "I don't know, this place has been around since I can remember, my father gave me this sword when I was five years old, and then taught me how to activate those abilities. I don't know anything anymore."

There is no trace of lying on Xiao Ai's face, while Li is in silence. According to the current situation, Xiao Ai cannot activate the ability of low-level laws, so that means there is definitely something suppressing Xiao Ai. .

And according to what Xiao Ai said, this weapon can call a strong enemy and then continuously win over those who have a good impression of him and expand this good impression, then this is no longer a simple magic, or it should be said to change the law, Or change the host's ontology.

Suddenly Li's mind thought of a fate called "Falling Dragon and Tiger". The so-called "Falling Dragon and Tiger" is destined to meet countless talented people in this life. Among them, there will be your friends, and there will also be Your enemies, you must stand as high as them, or you will be swallowed by them step by step. It can be said that the person with this fate is either rushing on the street or a very talented person.

Taygul, I don't know what this guy's past looks like, but according to his understanding, this guy is actually less suitable than Dolan to be the chief councilor, because there is no real strength behind him.

All he has are allies and his minions, and yes, he does not have a large family to support him.

If a person wants to go far enough in the power field, it is not enough to rely on one person alone. Without the help of others, how can it be possible to keep going, relying on one's own strength? ! Please Qian Quan, which thing is not a deadly thing, where did Tayi Guer come from, who helped him step by step here.

It can be seen from his own strength that it is a little but very limited. If he really started from scratch, I am afraid that he would have been crushed to death by the nobles in this Matt city. It is true that he has allies, but will the allies pay for him? ? Is he so lucky? Every dragon meets a tiger, this thing is not as simple as it seems. You can meet powerful allies and powerful enemies, but at the same time, you can understand that there are countless opportunities in front of you.

In this Matt, what you need to worry about is not your lack of strength, but the lack of opportunities. If you are outstanding enough, there will naturally be countless people looking at you.

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