Chapter 4383:Naruto Dimensional System


At this time, Xiao Ai couldn't help but widen her eyes and said in shock, "This... I know this is Greyang! The twenty-fifth of the seventy-two demon gods!"

However, the other party didn't seem to have any intention to let Xiao Ai continue. After opening the huge mouth, the huge thunder light began to gather in its mouth, but before that, Li had already directly smashed it to pieces. .

"You mean seventy-two demon gods?" A look of surprise flashed in Li's eyes, while Xiao Ai nodded vigorously, her face was very ugly, while Li asked with a frown, "You You actually know something about the Seventy-two Pillars of Demon God?"

After hesitating for a while, Xiao Ai said, "Although the Holy See of Holy Light has now become the largest Holy See in the entire continent, and because the Orthodox Church has severely attacked the Holy See of Light in the past, after the Holy See of Light gained power, the Orthodox Church was basically defeated. The revenge has completely disappeared from the mainland, but in fact, my father is a very sincere orthodox…”

Li looked at Xiao Ai and frowned. The so-called Orthodox Church and the Holy See of Holy Light are actually two very similar Holy Sees. The former existed a long time ago, and its background is actually very similar to Christianity on Earth. The Holy See of Light only appeared more than ten years before Kazan and the others destroyed Perus.

Their basic teachings and some knowledge of God are actually very similar to Orthodoxy, and many people will confuse them, of course, this is the knowledge before you join them.

The difference between them is that the gods that the two Holy Sees believe in are different, and they may only be similar in appearance, but both churches are the kind of monotheists, that is, they will not admit the existence of other gods at all.

Of course, although these two churches are Unitarians, they will not say that they will destroy all other churches, but the problem lies in the fact that the two churches are too similar, even their canons and teachings are very similar. , and this kind of thing actually triggers a big taboo-power conflict.

For example, a * who is in charge of justice and a * who is in charge of war. Although the powers of justice and war between them may be somewhat conflicting, and there may be some sense of compatibility, but there is no such thing as a war between the two. If one is the ** in charge of light and the other is in charge of darkness, the two of them may not like each other, but there will not be too much conflict \- because their fundamental interests are not affected.

That is, they can recruit believers who favor themselves without worrying about another ** competing with them!

But what if this * rules the light and another * rules the light? Don't talk about this, the gods they believe in are actually angels, and even the teachings of the two gods are the same, but you say that your * is Asan, my * is Asi, please your ** It's fake!

One is that the other party's ** does not exist, the other is that they suspect that the other party is a false god, and the third is that the other party wants to steal the divine power of their own gods—believers.

So the jihad started directly, but this jihad was completely different from the dark jihad of Ozma that was carried out by the Holy See. This jihad was actually a battle for its own gods. The Holy Light was deeply ingrained at that time and The large number of orthodox cults didn't even dare to take a punch, and they went directly to the underground to preach. As a church that promotes people to do good, it can only act like a cult, and it is not to blame the Holy Light later. After the Holy See has gained power, it will expel the Orthodox Church to the extent of killing it.

As for the reason why the Orthodox Church is so powerful, it is actually very simple. It is because of a person. This person's name is Solomon. Their father is Perus, the first monarch of the founding of the country. It is said that the whole world at that time The conquest was unbearable, and many gods chose their own spokespersons-that is, the rulers of various countries as a continuation of the war of gods.

And their trophies are believers. The wider the area that their spokespersons can conquer, the more believers they can get, and at the same time their spokespersons will get a powerful boost. As for their own spokespersons, if they fail, Then they can only go to pick new people.

It can be said that at that time, it was completely a paradise for war madmen. At that time, Perus was not a big country, and at that time, Perus was facing the invasion of enemy countries. Perus did not have his own gods. The king of Perous sacrificed his ten-year-old son as a sacrifice to the orthodox ** of the time, which was the God in their mouths.

At that time, this was completely the action of a dead horse as a living horse doctor, but he did not expect that Solomon, who was in the flames, really saw light in his eyes, and that light was God as far as he was concerned.

Light asked Solomon, "What do you want? I will give you power and I will give you strength. You have the right to ask. You should ask for what you ask for, and you should get what you ask for."

And what Solomon said at the time was, "I long for wisdom that is above everything in this world."

Then the flames that surrounded Solomon disappeared, and Solomon stepped down from the altar, his hair seemed to be burning with golden flames, and he ordered his father to abdicate, and he became the second of Perus. The monarch, it is said that at that time his hands were full of ten rings.

These ten rings can command the angels in the sky and the demons in the ground. This is what was called later, the seventy-two demon gods. After that, King Solomon used the power of these ten rings to destroy the entire continent, so he dared to fight against it. country, and then established the first country to unify the entire continent, that is, the Empire of Peru!

And he also became the Pope of the Orthodox Church. It is said that Solomon died after ruling the whole world for 120 years. After his death, there were many turbulent things in the empire. Not to mention the separation of religious power and royal power, with his children The faint and slow Peruvian frontier fell apart. Although Perus is still the largest country in the world after a thousand years, the world has once again become a world of feudal lords.

These are all digressions. Basically, it can be said that Solomon has achieved orthodoxy, and Solomon is basically the most mysterious king. It is said that he has mastered the power that is close to God and can directly call a powerful god-like existence for himself. used.

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