AuthorYanjiang Lighthouse
Num. of chapters974 chapters


In the previous life, you broke my stomach and imprisoned me for 10 years. Well, in this life, I will let your family be destroyed and die!

In the previous life, you killed my Shen family. Okay, in this life, I will let you burn your bones and ashes, and you will atone for my Shen family for generations to come.

In the previous life, you sold my young me abroad to torture me. Well, this life will surely make you ruined and displaced. It is a hundred times more miserable.

In the previous life, the good sister and the scumbag secretly pass the song, only for the Shen family industry, well, this life will let you all shout and beat like a mouse on the street, make a pair of desperate mandarin ducks!

However, this man, Emperor Ye Xiao, is savage, cold and domineering, but he is alone in persevering towards her.

This man she shunned back to China from abroad, did he want to do that?

A certain woman: “Can you stay away from me?”

A man: “Baby, what do you think?”

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