Chapter 982:Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

The Weak Big White Dragon

Chapter 984: The Weak Big White Dragon

The big white dragon spoke.

Little Treasure turned his head with certainty. He was excited to see the big white dragon stick out his tongue and roll the roast chicken into his mouth. Just as the big white dragon had said, it was not enough for the big white dragon to stuff between his teeth.

“Da Bai, are you willing to be my friend?”

The big white dragon looked at this little brat with disdain. He had already spoken to him with his mind, yet he still asked such a stupid question.

“You’re too stupid.”

Uh… Alright, Little Treasure was still very happy. He walked over and leaned against the big white dragon, sat down, and then displayed his ability to talk. He told the big white dragon about their journey and the things that he thought were particularly interesting and fun.

The poor big white dragon actually really wanted to sleep, alright? He didn’t want to talk to this little brat. Why did this child talk so much?

However, he still displayed his rare patience and listened to the little brat’s words. Some things sounded quite interesting, such as the game he was talking about, the World of Warcraft, and the plane he was talking about. Was it flying faster than him?

The night passed just like that. After Da Bao woke up, she didn’t see Little Treasure and was shocked. She walked out of the east and saw that Little Treasure was actually sleeping under the big white dragon’s beard.

She ran over excitedly and said, “Little Treasure, have you become friends with the big white dragon? That’s great.”

“Da Bao, you’re up? Why aren’t you wearing a jacket? It was very cold in the morning.”

“I didn’t see you when I woke up just now. I was shocked, so I came out to look for you.”

Little Treasure looked at the big white dragon who was still sleeping and pulled Little Treasure back.

“Let’s go hunting and get more food for Da Bai. The two pheasants yesterday were not enough for him to stuff his teeth with.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

Da Bao turned to look at the big white dragon and seemed to have thought of something. Then, she said to Little Treasure, “Why do you call him Da Bai? Is that the name you gave him?”

“Hmm, doesn’t it sound good? Da Bai?”

Someone, who was squinting at the side, widened his eyes when he heard the name. Did he agree to this name? Did he agree? His wife would definitely find this name as awful as he did.

“It’s nice to listen to, nice to listen to, and easy to remember. It’s even better than our General and Marshal’s names. It’s easier to remember. Little Treasure, the name you chose is really good.”

The big white dragon’s facial features had already been refreshed. Why was his wife’s taste so common?

Could it really be that being vulgar was being refined?

“I think it sounds good too. It also combines the temperament of the big white dragon. It’s even more domineering than our names.”

The big white dragon was already too lazy to complain. Didn’t they think that the names of Da Bao and Little Treasure were also very vulgar? Extremely vulgar?

“But I think that the names of Da Bao and Little Treasure are also very pleasant to hear.”

“Yes, Mommy’s names are very nice. Come on, let’s go hunting. We’re going to hunt a big one for Da Bai today.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

The two children left happily, but the big white dragon was not happy at all. Why did he have to give him such a poignant name? He did not like it, okay?

Why did his wife think that the name Da Bai was very nice? Why was that?

It seemed a little quieter than usual outside today. The two of them walked forward with the basket on their back. This route was the route they used to hunt pheasants and hares every day, the two of them walked through this route almost every day.

However, the small prey seemed to be fewer and fewer. It seemed that they would have to change their route soon.

“Little Treasure, why don’t we hear the sounds of those beasts these days? Have they stopped fighting?”

“I don’t know. It’s already been six days. Da Bai has been out for six days. Let Da Bai have a good meal today, and he will go home again.”

“Then what prey should we hunt today?”

“It’s a big one, but I don’t know if we can meet it. We can also see how our training is going these days.”


The two of them were really lucky. Not long after they left, they saw two pheasants and a large elk.

This was a good thing. It was extremely rare here. Of course, because they needed a complete food chain, there were still some herbivores in the forest, such as rabbits and pheasants.

The elk was not aggressive, it just ran fast. However, Little Treasure’s darts were quite accurate. In addition, his strength had increased recently, so little rock directly knocked the elk unconscious on the ground.

The two children looked at the elk, which was even bigger than them, and were extremely excited. If it was this, it would be enough for Da Bai to eat.

“Let’s go back?”

“Yes, let’s go. Look, it’s the hedgehog from yesterday.”

When Little Treasure saw the hedgehog standing under the tree and looking at them, he couldn’t help but get angry.

“Let’s go and kill it.”

This hedgehog was really intelligent. When it heard Da Bao and Little Treasure say that, it immediately turned around and ran. After running for a while, it turned around to look at them. It was as if it knew that the two children couldn’t do anything to it. Its purpose for coming here today was to provoke them.

Its action angered Da Bao so much that she couldn’t take it. She said to Little Treasure, “I must take it down today and pull out the thorns one by one.”

“Alright, don’t chase after it. What if it leads us into the encirclement? The magical beasts here are all very smart. We can’t let our guard down.”

“Little Treasure, why do you always think more than me? Why didn’t I think that it would let other animals surround me?”

“Because I’m more like Daddy.”

“Oh, I’m also like Daddy. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Little Treasure looked at Da Bao and said after a long while, “It’s nothing. Let’s go. This elk is so big. We have to drag it back.”


“We’re so small. Can we drag it?”

“Let’s try. We’ll know after we try.”

Da Bao and Little Treasure each dragged a leg and really managed to drag the elk back. Although it was strenuous, it was not impossible. By the time they returned to the lake, the big white dragon had already swum one round in the water and climbed to the lakeside.

“Da Bai, look, we found food for you. It’s so big. Is this enough for you to eat?”

Da Bai looked at the elk with disdain. It was so small. Had they forgotten how big he was?

“Is it still not enough to eat?”

Little Treasure and Da Bao were a little disappointed at the same time. However, Da Bai gave them face this time. He curled his beard and brought the elk to his mouth. In an instant, he swallowed it into his stomach.

“It’s okay.”

Da Bai said it was okay. The two of them looked at each other. That was great. Da Bai said it was okay.

The two of them happily sat down by the river to take care of the pheasants. Of course, these things were usually done by Little Treasure. Da Bao would not do it because she thought it was dirty.

Da Bao sat beside the big white dragon and looked at him.

“Da Bai, are you going back tonight? Did you go back to receive your punishment? Why do you look so much weaker after going in once? Did you make a mistake?”

Da Bao was an extremely sensitive person. When she saw that the big white dragon was clearly much weaker this time, she could not help but ask.

“It’s nothing, it’s fine. Be good. I’ll come out in a few days…”

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