Chapter 2595:Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields

【2595】To encourage

Chapter 2595 [2595] To encourage

Turning around, Mu Yongxian looked at the National Association scholar who he was also optimistic about in front of him, and was surprised: Does this person hide any secrets? It is not a secret, and Cao Zhao will not be allowed to say such things as nightmares.

What is a nightmare? Nightmare to tell, kid. Everyone knows that nightmares can only be cracked if they are told. Of course, if this nightmare is too scary to tell...

Mr. Mu is different from other teachers. He is the rarest sincere teacher she has ever met, and he analyzes it for her without hiding or tucking it: "You study cardiomyocytes, say it is the main component, say it is It's the skeleton of the heart, and it seems to be the main cause of all diseases. Do you want to study the ultimate cause of death in various heart diseases and what is the relationship between cardiomyocytes? So you want to see my cardiomyocyte pathology slides?"

The most terrifying thing about the boss is that he cracked her exposed brain circuit without any effort.

"You are researching this thing because you encountered difficult and miscellaneous diseases in the clinic and want to trace the cause of the patient's death?"

"I want to find out the cause of death, let's do an autopsy." Dr. Han couldn't hold back, and inserted a sentence that he took for granted, followed by the attention of the two bosses.

In an instant, everyone understood what Brother Immortal said about having a nightmare.

"Oh, so that person didn't die. You had nightmares, dreaming that the person was going to die." Dr. Han suddenly realized, "Is the patient unable to find any illness after going to the hospital? You insisted that the person in your nightmare was going to die, so you come up with these thoughts?"

It seems that is right.

"You have to see a psychiatrist." Dr. Han said.

Xie Wanying did not speak, this result was already expected by her.

"Have you been having this nightmare all the time?" Big Brother Mu continued to help her analyze, "Are you under too much psychological pressure? Maybe go check your brain CT?"

It's not necessary to suspect that something is wrong with her head. Next to her was his brother's neurosurgeon staring at her. Cao Zhaomo's eyes shone with a long light: he was helping his brother to find out information.

"If it's just a simple academic problem." Mu Yongxian thought that she, a scholar, is unlikely to have a problem with his head, and said, "If you insist on studying this topic, you need to find a mentor you recognize and design this well. Experiment ideas, follow the experimental specifications. Don’t imagine, science does not have this path of fantasy, and it will not be affected by whether you have nightmares. If you have any questions, you can ask us at any time.”

Teacher said that she could help at any time, Xie Wanying nodded straightly: "Thank you Teacher Mu."

"I'll tell you something first. A doctor saving a person is like saving a drowning person. He will use all kinds of methods to save him, but he may never see something hidden under the pool to pull the drowning person down. You can Do you understand what I mean?"

Mr. Mu is a very sincere person. This is to tell her: you may be able to touch the outline of the cause of death, but you may never be able to touch the specific death and you are helpless. This is probably why she has nightmares.

Clinically, the dead patients are basically in such a situation.

When left the conference room, Xie Wanying's head was touched by a big hand, and she guessed that it was touched by the immortal brother.

Unlike Honest Mu, brother Shenxian is like Senior Brother Cao, who is a sunshine pie. He touched her little boy's head to comfort her, and you don't have to be afraid of nightmares. When a doctor is the least afraid of ghosts and ghosts, he is afraid of nightmares.

Xie Wanying was encouraged.

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