Chapter 1117:She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Miracle Emperor Zun, there are so many apprentices (3 more)

Chapter 1117 Miracle Emperor Zun, there are so many apprentices (3 more)

His hot spring pool is hidden in a natural karst cave. There is a gap above the karst cave, so you can see the night view without being disturbed. "Why does foster father have time to take a hot spring tonight?" Yu Huang thought that Mo Xiao would stay with Godmother Snake Ying tonight and talk.

Mo Xiao said: "Your godmother is retreating tonight."

Hu'ao Mountain's animal heart was given to Snake Ying, she had to retreat and refine the power of Hu'ao Mountain, and she won't come out these two days.

Mo Xiao stepped on the stairs barefoot and walked into the middle of the hot spring pool, which was only as high as his chest. Mo Xiao walked to the jade stairs beside the hot spring pool and sat down. He took a handful of water and sprinkled it on his face. He rubbed his face and said, "I always feel that my body has a strong ** smell and I can't wash it cleanly."

Not because of the strong smell of blood, but because it is the blood of a loved one.

Yu Huang said: "No matter how strong the smell of blood is, there will always be a day when it will disappear, foster father, don't be sad."

Mo Xiao nodded lightly, leaned his head against the stone behind him, and stopped talking.

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao got into the water and sat down opposite Mo Xiao.

Suddenly, Mo Xiao said, "Why didn't you tell me about your pregnancy?"

Yu Huang said, "After I found out that I was pregnant, I wrote a letter to each of you and Master. Master received the letter long ago and sent me a lot of nutritional supplements. Could it be that the foster father didn't receive my letter?" The letter has been sent out for a long time, and it should have been received.

Mo Xiao shook his head and explained: "The energy of the space-time tunnel has been disturbed recently, and the efficiency of the space-time post office has also become slow. Your letter may still be stuck in the space-time mail station." Mo Xiao stared at Yu Huang's stomach, seeing Her belly was still flat, so she asked, "How many months?"

Yuhuang said, "It's been more than two months."

nodded, Mo Xiao said, "Then they will be born in eight months. I have to think about what gift to prepare for the two of them."

"The adoptive father thinks slowly, don't worry, they will have to wait a few years before they are born."

"How many years?" Mo Xiao was amazed, "How could it take so long? According to ancient records, whether it is the children of the Shenyu Phoenix Clan or the Heiqingtian Dragon Clan, they are all pregnant and lay eggs in October, and they will hatch after a period of time. It can come out of the shell. Why do you two have to be pregnant for several years?"

Yuhuang helplessly explained the particularity of the Nether Phoenix. "So far, the only child born after the marriage between the Shenyu Phoenix Clan and the Heiqingtian Dragon Clan is the Undead God Physicist. It is said that the Undead God Physicist was born after seven years of gestation."

Mo Xiao shook his head and said with emotion, "There are such strange things."

Mo Xiao said with emotion: "I've long heard that the divine beasts can't have children if they get married across races, unless they can get the gift of life from the * of love. I didn't expect you to be lucky enough to get the gift of the * of love."

Hearing this, Yu Huang asked Mo Xiao, "How did the adoptive father know about this? Brother Xiao doesn't even know. I didn't know what the gift of life was at first. After I got the gift of life, I got up and asked the Monster Beast Administration to know the particularity of the gift of life. Did the adoptive father already know about it?"

nodded, Mo Xiao said, "Well, my master has told me many secrets from ancient times, I know some."

"Master?" Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang looked at each other in surprise. Sheng Xiao asked Mo Xiao, "Foster father, do you still have a master?"

Mo Xiao was amused by their reaction. "Of course I have a master. Otherwise, who do you think I learned my divination from?"

Hearing Mo Xiao's words, Yu Huang also remembered a blind spot.

Yu Huang said: "I heard from Jing Jiaren that the big divination families in the divination continent are very exclusive and will never pass divination to foreign ascendants. When I heard the news, I felt very strange. Now, foster father, you are a foreign ascendant, how can you learn divination?"

Sheng Xiao was also very curious about this.

nodded, Mo Xiao said, "Divination on the mainland is indeed very exclusive. My divination was not learned from those big families."

"Who did you learn that from? Who taught you divination?"

Mo Xiao told them both: "My master is a very powerful emperor, his surname is Song, and he has always asked me to call him Old Man Song." Recalling Master, Mo Xiao was quite emotional, he said, "My master is that person. Very mysterious, he always wears tattered clothes. The first time I met him, it was in the garbage dump of the Ascension Town in the Divination Continent. It was night, he was squatting in the garbage dump to find something, and I couldn't sleep. Take a walk, meet him, and ask him what he's looking for."

"He looked back at me and told me that he was looking for a rusty sword. I had nothing to do, so I helped him find it together. We searched for the sword together all night. It was dawn and the sword was not found, but he But he said he wanted to accept me as an apprentice."

Having said this, Mo Xiao suddenly shrugged and laughed, until the ice blue fox eyes turned into two crescents. "I asked him, take you as a teacher, and pick up garbage with you? He said, he can do divination. At first I didn't believe it, but when he clearly explained all my past experiences, I realized that he really is for the fortune teller."

"I followed him to learn divination. When I got started, I realized that the master who picked up the ** was very likely to be a very good fortune- teller. Old man Song taught me divination for more than ten years, and one day he came back from outside. When I was in the middle of nowhere, a rusty sword suddenly appeared in the tattered pocket. After dinner, he said goodbye to me, saying that he was going to find other weapons, and he wanted to say goodbye to me for a while."

"Before leaving, he patted me on the shoulder heavily and said something meaningful to me. At that time I didn't understand why he said that, but now that I think about it, he probably saw me long ago. will die once."

"Oh?" Sheng Xiao asked curiously, "What did he say to you?"

Mo Xiao hesitated before saying, "He said, "Little fox, beauty is a sin, don't go out and show your face."

Sheng Xiao: "."

Mo Xiao laughed at himself and said, "But I didn't understand his conscience at the beginning, and thought he was mocking me. It wasn't until later when I was thrown into the lock by the Zhong family and jumped into Suoshenyuan, that I thought about what Master said. Meaning." Shaking his head, Mo Xiao sighed, "Master said that we will meet again, but I have waited for hundreds of years and have not had the chance to meet again. I am afraid that his old man would have died in some ** pile."

Sheng Xiao suddenly glanced at Yu Huang.

Seeing that Yu Huang's eyes kept rolling, Sheng Xiao squeezed her palm lightly, and said in a low voice, "Could that be the old man Song that my adoptive father said."

"Professor Song." Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao thought of it together.

Mo Xiao couldn't help showing curious eyes when he heard their conversation, "Professor Song? Who is he?"

Yu Huang pointed to his own eyes and said, "Professor Song, formerly known as Song Ji, is a senior professor in the inner courtyard of Canglang College and the former owner of the Eye of the Ancients. Besides, he has another identity." Yu Huang Subconsciously lowered his voice and whispered: "He is the Divine Miracle Emperor, the master of the Dean Linfeng Emperor, and the founder of divination in the mainland."

"His animal form is a long-lived beast. He is the person with the longest lifespan in the world. The junk he was looking for was never junk, but artifacts scattered in three thousand worlds." Speaking of Professor Song, Yu Huang There was admiration in my heart.

"Foster father, your master is probably Professor Song."

Mo Xiao was stunned. "Divine Miracle Emperor." He seriously thought about what Yu Huang said, and realized that Professor Song was most likely his master.

Suddenly got the news from Master, Mo Xiao's mood after a dull day suddenly became lighter. "When I have time, I must go to Canglang Continent to visit Professor Song in person to see if he is my master." Mo Xiao didn't want to take a bath, he got up and left the hot spring pool, taking off the outermost silk nightgown , bent down and picked up the dry clothes on the stone platform to change.

The opportunity is rare, and Yu Huang quickly seized the opportunity to peek at the charming body of her adoptive father.

But when she saw the strange pattern on Mo Xiao's left shoulder, her phoenix eyes suddenly widened.

Sheng Xiao also saw the pattern, and his pupils slightly widened.


Mo Xiao tied his nightgown, turned around, raised his eyebrows and looked at Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao, "What? Do you want to soak for a while?" Thinking that young people always like to do something else when they are in hot springs, Mo Xiao smiled half-heartedly. Said: "Then I won't bother you, I'll go first."

"Father." Yu Huang stopped Mo Xiao again, pointed at Mo Xiao's left shoulder, and asked in a complicated tone, "What is the pattern on your left shoulder?"

"Pattern?" Mo Xiao glanced at his left shoulder, the silk pajamas were translucent, and he could see the black pattern under the pajamas, which were two crossed battle axes.

Mo Xiao said: "This thing didn't exist before, but after I was reborn once, there was such a strange tomahawk pattern on my shoulder."

"When I arrived at the Monster Beast Continent, I copied this picture to investigate, but I couldn't find a pattern similar to it. What, do you know it?"

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