Chapter 1050:Star of Civilization

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"I want to go up and try it to see if he still reacts to me." Zhuge Yun said with a weird smile.

"Cut, it's useless," the holy envoy shook his head, "I said that he is a worm hive guardian, and he will only exert his instinct to resist when foreign enemies invade. In fact, his consciousness is connected to me, and I did not wake it up. He gave a clear order, and he didn't even have a basic reaction, let alone any reaction to you."

"Oh, is that so?"

Zhuge Yun pouted, and put one hand behind him again, seemingly dispelling the idea of ​​flying up to try it out.

He knew in his heart that this dead ** didn't lie to him, the reason why he asked this was just to hear the other party's explanation. Zhuge Yun has already got the answer \- the will of this dead monster is the basic criterion for the behavior of the swarm.

During this time, Zhuge Yun has been thinking about a question:

If the will of the swarm breaks down, such as the death of the master, will it lead to division and power struggle among the groups, that is, civil war?

Like the civil war that broke out when the emissary challenged its original master. But the power of the Holy Messenger overwhelms other swarm masters, and the swarm is therefore more powerful and more dangerous. If something overwhelms the power of the Emissary, does the swarm become more deadly?

One strong person replaces another strong person. This is the unspoken rule of the insect swarm's survival, and it is also the secret that its population will always occupy an invincible position and will always be stronger.

If he can defeat the holy messenger, will it also make all the Zerg bow their heads?

Zhuge Yun believes that he can't do this now, but it doesn't matter, he is determined to eat this dead monster anyway! Not in a hurry. He knows that the Zerg that are out of control are extremely dangerous, and it is not easy to control them.

This matter is irrelevant to him now. After all, the other party wants something from him. If so, why not take advantage of it?

Zhuge Yun glanced at Gu Feiyan who was standing beside him with a nervous expression, and said, "There are some things, you didn't tell me the truth, did you?"


Gu Feiyan was taken aback, her hands and feet became cold in an instant, and she was stunned.

"I... I didn't hide anything from you? How could I hide... Where did this, say, come from?"

"You were in the floating city before, but you never said that you still have research on the Zerg." Zhuge Yun smiled lightly and said, "You should be well aware that many of the secrets of the Obsidian Society involve the Zerg, such as— The ark, right?"

Zhuge Yun can see the clue from the appearance and some functions of the ark. The ecological system of the ark is very unusual. Its powerful psychic field comes from the "s" life form, but the honeycomb structure inside the ark is similar to the Zerg style. This cannot be said to be a coincidence.

It seems that Obsidian took advantage of the Zerg's ecological model a long time ago, perhaps creating powerful humans with genetic mutations.

The so-called "Chain of Ascension" system of the Obsidian Club also imitated the promotion system of the Zerg, which further confirmed Zhuge Yun's judgment.

Gu Feiyan woke up instantly. She hadn't thought much about this matter before, and all the relevant knowledge came from within the organization of the Obsidian Society. Because of the rigid structure of the organization from top to bottom, she had no way of knowing where that knowledge came from.

"I didn't hide this on's just...just..." She didn't dare to look at Zhuge Yun's face.

In the insect nest, when she saw the ecology of the original Zerg with her own eyes, she soon realized that her research was closely related to the Zerg. Because, the genes of the Obsidian mutators do have many similarities with the Zerg genes.

About this, she was once confused and confused. She guessed that this was the secret that the organization deliberately hid.

"Just what?" Zhuge Yun stared at Gu Feiyan's eyes, but the other party didn't dare to look at him.

"It was only after I got here... that... only then did I know something about the situation. I didn't even know about it before..." Gu Feiyan was eager to defend herself, and stammered.

"Oh, well, I don't mean to blame you," Zhuge Yun said calmly, "but in the future, you have to report the research progress and work situation here to me, understand?"

"Ah? This, I...I..."

Gu Feiyan's heart skipped a beat, and her gaze subconsciously peeped at the envoy.

"What? It doesn't matter what I say, do you still have to look at other people's faces?" Zhuge Yun's tone was suddenly cold, while speaking, he walked slowly towards Gu Feiyan.

His hand behind him seemed to stick out like lightning, and his body was full of spiritual energy. This kind of terrifying coercion almost suffocated Gu Feiyan.

"No, no! I never meant that..."

"what does that mean?"

"I...I understand, obey, obey."

Under the enormous pressure of Zhuge Yun, Gu Feiyan immediately surrendered unconditionally and agreed.


On the other hand, the Holy Envoy, he was just watching from the sidelines as a spectator, without any intention of making excuses.

"That's good. You, don't you have an opinion?" Zhuge Yun turned his head slightly and said without moving his body.

This sentence was clearly addressed to the Holy Messenger.

"Of course I have no opinion. I don't care about the Zerg at all. If you are interested in them, just let go and do what you want." The holy envoy said jokingly, "By the way, do you want to? I will send you some Zerg cubs and take them back to study?"

"Oh, that's not necessary, I'm just curious, how many Zerg secrets do you Obsidian know..."

Zhuge Yun raised his brows and suddenly grinned, "Oh, sorry, I almost forgot, you don't belong to the Obsidian Society."


Hearing these words, the holy envoy just snorted and didn't care.

But Gu Feiyan is There are countless doubts in her heart: Although she doesn't know the identity and origin of the holy messenger, Zhuge Yun said that the holy messenger does not belong to the Obsidian Society, so what is this? mean?

Isn't the holy messenger summoned by the many guardians on the ark? And as soon as he shows up, he can make everyone bow his head, he is powerful, and he has the ability to freely control the ark. Doesn't this explain the problem?

"If there is anything else you want to say, just say it." Zhuge Yun squinted at the envoy.

"I have nothing to say now, you have the final say."

The holy envoy frowned slightly, shrugged his shoulders, and thought to himself that this guy's indomitable attitude made him feel a little disgusted. If it weren't for the fact that the other party had what he wanted in his hands, he really wanted to rush up now and kill this guy!

"By the way, didn't you say you want to find a suitable place? The energy field in the worm's nest has always been stronger than outside the island. Have you decided where to open the portal?"

"No, it's not strong enough," Zhuge Yun shook his head and said, "Rune teleportation requires a lot of energy. I want to go further down. Maybe there is a good place under the worm nest."

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