Chapter 1084:Survive the Fourth Natural Disaster

Edna comes home full of rewards

Edna turned her head to look at her chatty undead friend, and suddenly smiled... She left the envy and yearning that arose from seeing Midnight and Kelanwo's love, as well as the faint trace of unwillingness. behind the head.

The love between those two people is real, but it's too unreal... Except for the love that doesn't consider reality at all, why can't they just fall in love and not participate in such a terrible fate?

Edna still can't see from Midnight's memory what made the couple choose that fateful path... If Midnight is really not as obsessed with fame and fortune as she thinks.

Edna felt that Midnight lied to herself a bit... It's not a mistake to want to be as world-famous as Elminster, but she and Cranwo took things too simple.

Kong has lofty ambitions, but does not have the IQ and emotional quotient of Elminster.

Cyric's betrayal was actually doomed from the very beginning... How could such a person be suppressed by his strength?

Not to mention, Midnight and Kelanwo are not strong enough to make this thief fear.

As a result, both of them have already got that tragic ending. After they both become gods, they will have to distinguish who is right and who is wrong, and who loves who more. They neither know how to cherish a beautiful life nor think about how to break free from both sides. the bondage, so that at last we can find a way to be together.

Edna pointed to a set of tortoiseshell combs inlaid with black crystals and asked for a trial.

She lightly inserted the five-piece comb into her long, thick brown hair with two small braids tied at the back of her head. She stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror and looked left and right, how beautiful and cute she was!

Why do you care so much?

She is Edna now, she only needs to think about her future.

Those unknown feelings, wait until all the soul fragments are collected, then think about it!

Edna sighed and glanced at the expensive set of star jewelry again, but when she took it back, the little girl found the words "book acquisition" on the door on the left side of the jewelry.

She suddenly remembered what she had heard... Lord Hill likes to buy all kinds of ancient books, and the price is definitely the highest in Toril Continent.

She fixedly glanced at the starry sky in the treasure cabinet, Edna touched her little ring... Candle Castle isn't really a must-go place, right?

Edna left Hill's Strange Item Shop with satisfaction... leaving behind hundreds of books she copied from childhood to adulthood, and took away the stars and the set of tortoiseshell combs, as well as a dozen books of Dark Night that she was happy to see. The little story of the daughter, the girl of the moon.

Tsk tsk, when she passes by Karin Shan, she must have a good communication with the little fairy queen Vera!

Leonard, who came in later, bought more books... Hill sells copybooks, and many books costing a few hundred gold are very cost-effective for him.

Even if Candle Castle had it, it wouldn't sell so many copies to ordinary mages!

Anyway, as a natural mage, he is more used to tying soft vines on his head... Natural leaves are a good decoration.

Leonard walked past the jewelry counter without squinting: "Damn it!" How could someone put such expensive and beautiful jewelry next to a bookstore?

He glanced lightly, then glanced again, and warned himself that he must remember to go home and tell the story of his journey, he must forget this store... Otherwise, his father might kick him out of the house before he goes bankrupt.

Fortunately, he had plenty of money to buy books, but Leonard also had to keep a dozen spell books that could be passed on from the Tower of Nature.

Fortunately, Hill's price for receiving books is much higher than selling books!

Elvia and Josani didn't feel the pain of Edna whose pockets were emptied... They wouldn't go into that kind of spending money, especially a troublesome place where the heart of robbery couldn't be raised.

The dragon never spends money unless he can get it back later.

"Edna." The "Old Sanda King" didn't dissuade the little girl from buying that set of superb jewelry... Hill's strange jewelry, the appearance is always just an added value.

That set of jewelry is almost comparable to a complete set of Ion stones, and it has certain bonuses to Edna's abilities in all aspects.

It is a rare luxury in the equipment of the undead.

If it weren't for the fact that Hill's equipment came out too quickly, even a rich woman would have to think about it, how could this set of jewelry be kept for the third day!

For a little girl who needs to take an adventure on the mainland, it's quite a good thing... 500,000 gold is definitely worth the money.

But she still couldn't help asking: "How much money do you have?

Would you like to take some from me?

After leaving Aglaia, I can no longer give you financial assistance!

William does not allow us to have any monetary exchanges with the employers who have taken the ** mission.

It should be the binding of Toril's world law on our undead.

At this time, don't be so rude~ You must speak if you need to.

You can't suffer on the road in the future just for that little self-esteem. "

Edna laughed: "Don't worry! Sister Sanda Wang~ I sold Hundreds of books to Hill! These are all the ones he wants to buy!

You don't even need to use my small purse, my money is enough! "

Edna felt a little guilty. No one knows the money in the bracelet, so it doesn't exist... Although the deposit is also less than 200,000, how can more than 100,000 gold coins be enough for her to travel around the world?

Besides, other people's adventures can make money, so mine should be fine!

Edna happily put on the starry suit, and then passed the mage of Silvermoon City and Shadow Valley who stared at her dumbfounded.

The female mage named Revere was so shocked that her eyes popped out of her eyes: "What she has on her body is that set of 500,000 gold stars?"

Before going to see Lynn, of course, they had visited the world-famous store of strange objects in Lord Aglaia... After all, the Lord used this store to make Kyleben close to bankruptcy. Woolen cloth!

If it weren't for the fact that the black stick was fast enough, he didn't intend to continue to compete with Lord Aglaia for the market. He would have sold the tower to survive by now!

Yarrow looked confusedly at the face of the female mage in the Valley of Shadows, whose face was so disfigured with jealousy, then immediately reflected her thoughts and said solemnly, "Her biological father is the son of Azus.

Have you forgotten who Azus is?

When he was still an archmage, he could create artifacts!

The Ring of Winter is so famous, don't you know it? At that time, he had not met Mystra!

His child is rich, isn't that normal?

It can be seen from the guy's behavior that he stayed in Quesenta and didn't move. He was very sure that what he left for his daughter was enough.

Besides, why don't you question Lord Aglaia's net worth?

When will the strange object maker run out of money?

Revere, you'd better let go of all the arrogance in your heart... Obviously, in that Edna's heart, she is more inclined towards Azus, otherwise she would not be against the people who came from Erathrow Silver Palace. We are so indifferent!

She doesn't even recognize Elastron, let alone Elastron's sister!

Almost all of our predictions were wrong!

She originally thought that she, who grew up in Silvermoon City, would miss the beauty of the past, but it seems that she only remembers the hatred.

You don't think Laila has any meaning to her, do you?

Laila was protecting Charol, but it was never this little girl, otherwise how could she have grown up in an elf city?

Be smart!

If you are so stupid again, I will send the letter directly to the Twisted Tower... You can rest assured, the harpist may not be strong enough, so the letter must be delivered quickly! "

Revere lowered his head slightly: "I see. I'm just a little unbalanced, a little girl who has no ability at all, can have so much.

People with bloodlines are good!

We have come to this day, and we have paid so much... but we don't even have half of the assets in the hands of others! "

Yarrow gave her a fixed look, and finally understood why the archmage was behaving so abnormally.

He sneered twice: "That's the eighth-ring mage who is less than 16 years old. When you were 16 years old... Forget it, you must also say that people are strong because of blood.

If you have to worry about even this point..."

Yarrow looked at the unconvinced face and swallowed the words that came to his lips: If Revere continues to be so stupid, for her, it is probably something that can only be done by part-time jobs.

But so extraordinary, UU reading www. uukanshu. com twisted towers are countless.

The reason why Revere has the current status is because she is young, smart and capable, and it is very likely that she will go directly to the real supernatural in the mage profession... And want to become one of the powers of the Twisted Tower or even the Valley of Shadows, this is the only one path of.

So many choices to leave the Valley of Shadows, and even become a Lich Mage, are basically because there is no way to ascend there.

Yarrow was so cautious with Revere, because she had always heard that she had this aptitude... But now it seems that the aptitude is indeed strong enough, but the temperament is much worse.

No wonder the guys in Shadow Valley didn't say a word and let Revere come forward.

It's easy to solve a competitor, who is not happy about such a thing?

Tsk tsk.

It has nothing to do with him, but... as long as you are polite enough to Revere in the future.

Edna didn't know the conflict caused by this set of jewelry. Of course, she couldn't talk about hatred for Silvermoon City, but even Kelburn, whom Midnight admired so much, was inferior to pigs and dogs in her eyes. Alastro, who didn't like Midnight, was even less likely to leave much impression in her heart.

As for the life in Silvermoon City, it doesn't make any sense.

After all, the Supreme Lady didn't even have much time to see her own children, let alone her children's children... Edna recalled the past and found that the chances of the little girl seeing Ellastro were not as good as those of her thousands of little boys. any of the pets.

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