Authorstreaking buns
Num. of chapters7 chapters


Nan Yuan, a cultivator in “Quick Transmigration: The Big Brother Is Crazy Again”, abducted a mythical beast to help her travel through the three thousand worlds and collect the power of faith.

Nan Yuan, who has always only killed but not saved, has since changed her mind and become a good person.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to be a good person. The little freak who was raised as a son turned into a big boss in the demon domain, and wanted to keep her in captivity?

A cheap husband who is afraid of a woman in the late stage of autism is suddenly not afraid that her daughter will not be autistic, and is madly pestering her to give birth to a baby?

Even picking up a dead object at random can turn it into a handsome man lying on the bed, trying to be responsible?

Later, Nan Yuan didn’t want to raise anything, and only fought with the male protagonist.

As a result, the male protagonist, he, is also crazy. …Nan Yuan’s face was expressionless: “Big brother, the aura on your body is so familiar that it is annoying.”

Big brother calmly said: “My world is for you. You, give it to me.”

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