Chapter 955:The Goddess Sister Loves Me So Much

Kill Ye Xuan and steal the treasure!

The three people that Ye Xuan read about at the end are currently all six- turned divine wheel consummation. After they take it, the effect should be very obvious, right?

A group of people didn't hesitate and started to eat it, because this energy stone looks crystal clear and delicious.

And the smell made them drool.

When they ate it, they all felt a rumbling sound in their bodies, and a silver-white air flow emanated from their whole bodies.

Ye Xuan clearly felt that their cultivation was improving.

Many of this group of people are in the fifth wheel of the gods, but at this moment, dull voices are constantly coming from their bodies.

Bang bang bang!

A series of sounds exploded in this void.

Ye Xuan could clearly see that there was a six-turn divine wheel behind them!

Especially those who have improved their cultivation, said in horror: "I'm going! I've been promoted to the six-turn Divine Wheel?"

"I've also been promoted to!"

"God, Young Master Ye, what kind of precious medicine is that? You actually let us upgrade to the sixth-turn Divine Wheel? How easy is the upgrade? You don't even need to comprehend the power of some rules?"

And the three of Zhou Yi, also directly from the six-turn Divine Wheel Consummation, to the peak!

Ye Xuan knows that a power stone can probably raise a small realm in the six- turn Divine Wheel!

Ye Xuan looked at the last Zhu Yuhe. She used to be a four-turn divine wheel, and now she has successfully upgraded to a five-turn divine wheel!

And she has raised two realms to reach the fifth wheel of God.

In other words, the lower the strength, the more obvious the effect!

There are still three left in Ye Xuan's hand!

He looked at the three of them and said, "Continue to eat and see!"

The three nodded vigorously.

This is definitely a treasure!

They ate it right away!

Everyone looked at them.

The body exudes a white mist, and in the blink of an eye, there is a dull sound at the same time!

Bang bang bang!

The three of them stepped into the Seven-Turn Divine Wheel at the same time!


"Seven turns of the divine wheel?"

"That's right! Seven turns of the wheel of God, this is definitely at the level of the top powerhouses in our extraterritorial battlefield!"

At present, among the other powerful races, the strongest is the peak of the seventh-turn Divine Wheel, but none of them have entered the eighth-turn Divine Wheel.

It is said that there seems to be a mysterious force that suppresses their bodies. Then, with the energy spar pulled out of the small stove, Ye Xuan may be able to break through that mysterious restriction!

Because, his cultivation base seems to be improving very quickly!

Zhou Yi and the others were very excited.

Especially the tall and thin man and the bald dwarf, both clasped their fists and said, "Thank you, Young Master Ye! We will definitely serve Young Master Ye well!"

Ye Xuan smiled and said: "I said, follow me, you will not suffer!"

At this moment, the seventeen people in their team have all been promoted to the six-turn Divine Wheel!

There are even three seven-turn chakras!

And only Zhu Yuhe is the fifth wheel of God!

Of course, Ye Xuan himself is also the fifth wheel of God!

Ye Xuan is very cool to see the strength of a group of people improve!

Looks like I got a great deal this time!

Ye Xuan said with a smile: "This time we have a good harvest! Let's go, kill the Tianjian Sect and ** the treasure!"

A group of people immediately followed Ye Xuan towards the Heavenly Sword Sect!

In the Heavenly Sword Sect, the major races that came this time are not strong.

And Ye Xuan has three seven-turn divine wheels and twelve six-turn divine wheels, so it is definitely a group of powerful teams!

The speed of a group of people quickly came to Tianjianzong.

And when they came here, they saw people of many races leaving.

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly: "It seems to be late!"

And Qiu Qianxun also came out of the Heavenly Sword Sect. He smiled and said, "Ye Xuan, how's the harvest?"

Ye Xuan naturally wouldn't tell the truth, and sighed: "I was chased and ran out just now, and then I didn't get anything!"

"Isn't it?" Qiu Qianxun asked in surprise, "You really didn't get anything?"

Ye Xuan nodded and said, "Really!"

Qiu Qianxun said, "There are treasures on the other side of the five lakes, but don't miss them. Do you want to come with us?"

Ye Xuan shook his head and said, "No! I like to fight alone!"

Qiu Qianxun said in surprise: "You said before that you asked me to cover you, why didn't you follow me suddenly? Did you get some treasure? I'm afraid I'll ** it from you?"

Ye Xuan shook his head and said: "How is it possible, Senior Qiu is the number one powerhouse in our human race, will he grab something from a junior like me? Senior Qiu, leave, there will be a future!"

Ye Xuan said and separated from them.

Why separate?

Ye Xuan is going to kill people, kill monsters, and ** treasures!

With so many people together, it's so distracting!

Therefore, fewer people are dispatched, which is convenient!

After Ye Xuan and the others left, Qiu Qianxun carried his hands on his back and still kept a smile on his face, hehe said, "This Ye Xuan is interesting!"

An old man beside him said, "This guy wanted to be with Master Qiu before, but why is he suddenly not following us now?"

Qiu Qianxun said as he walked, "I can be accepted as a disciple by Chen Zongsheng! It's not a simple person! This guy definitely got something good in the Heavenly Sword Sect! I'm afraid I'll give him an idea! The group of people who followed him, before None of them have stepped into the six-turn Divine Wheel, and at this moment, they have basically stepped into it, you say, is this an ordinary chance?"

"What?" A group of people were shocked.

Some people have greed in their eyes.

Qiu Qianxun looked at the group of people and said: "Okay, don't look at him like that! Go and rob him, be careful to be killed by him! Don't forget, Zhu Shanhe's old yin goods are all damaged in his hands!"

"Also, Chen Zongsheng is not weaker than me now. Aren't you afraid of being destroyed by this great Confucian butcher?"

When a group of people heard Chen Zongsheng, the corners of their mouths twitched!

Yes indeed!

Chen Zongsheng is terrible!

He had been thrown so far by Qiu Qianxun!

How long does it take? They can challenge Qiu Qianxun!

He really deserves to be the eternal wizard on Gamma!

The decline of the past is only for the rise of the present!

At this moment, there are also many people on the side of the human race, following Qiu Qianxun, but now that the Tianjianzong expedition is over, they are all separated.

There were only over a hundred people who had followed Qiu Qianxun all the time!

A group of people separated at this moment, there is a rough man with thick eyebrows, there are more than fifty of them, they have already walked down the mountain of Tianjianzong, he narrowed his eyes and said: "Everyone, are you interested in killing that Ye Xuan? "

"That can instantly improve the cultivation base! With the opportunity he got from Tianjianzong! Maybe, we can all step into the eight-turn divine wheel, the nine-turn divine wheel, and even kill the guardian above directly. !"

Someone at the scene said: "Brother Wang, if Chen Zongsheng finds out, we will be finished!"

"Yes indeed!"

Wang Long sneered and said, "I sensed Ye Xuan's strength before, and it's only a five-turn God Wheel! Even if the group of people around him are all six-turn God Wheels, in our group, there are two Seven-turn God Wheels. Lun! The number of people is nearly twice as many as them! Everyone, the rich and the noble! Kill Ye Xuan, destroy the corpse and destroy the traces, you and I will not say, how does Chen Zongsheng know that we killed his disciple?"

Everyone looked at Wang Long with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and his eyes were greedy!

"Brother Wang is right! We are all loose cultivators! What are loose cultivators doing? We are walking a tightrope! Not afraid of death, it is our nature!"

"Yes, if you kill Ye Xuan, you can become a strong person!!!"

"Okay! Let's listen to Brother Wang!"

Wang Long smiled and said: "Okay! Kill Ye Xuan! Take the treasure!!!"

A group of people roared in a low voice: "Kill Ye Xuan! Take the treasure!"

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