Chapter 1135:This Plug-in is Too Middle School

The Holy See's Last Hope (probably)

The Holy See of Light... It's over.

Seeing the elderly Cardinal who rushed down the tree for the third time after waking up, and was knocked down by a punch for the fourth time, Cardinal Hal, who was head down, couldn't bear to close his eyes.

Fleming has actually worked very hard, and the reason why he is like this... can only be said to be a crime of non-war.

Whenever the weird blood-colored arena unfolds, the people around can't escape if they really want to run. Except for the unlucky one who was selected, all those who approach will be involved, and they will be held firmly in the auditorium waiting for the battle. the result of…

Recalling the tragic history of being beaten by tens of thousands of people surrounded by tens of thousands of people, Card Hal couldn't help but shudder subconsciously.

How should I put it... Although the opponent's hard power is really amazing, no cardinal is an opponent when it comes to one-on-one, but it is still far from being able to penetrate the holy city alone.

Once he is familiar with his bizarre abilities and prepares accordingly, the two cardinals can barely resist together. If three cardinals shoot at the same time, there may even be a possibility of victory.

If you can get all six cardinals together... no! As long as he can gather four cardinals who are in normal condition, once the Mysterious Arrival is activated, this guy will definitely not be able to hold on for five minutes.

But... only if the opponent doesn't use that special combat technique.

With that domain-type combat skill that forced one-on-one duels, he and the others could only be forced to fight him one by one, and the remaining tens of thousands of escorts could only sit and stare, watching him press the button. The person in the middle of the field was beaten violently, and after the combat skills subsided, the new person continued to beat him.

Although there are still two ninth-order professionals and two eighth-order ministers with ninth-order combat power in the holy city who have not rushed over, but in this situation, as long as no one can beat this guy in a heads- up, then No matter how many people come, they just add a few more pendants to this old tree...

"What's your plan?"

Looking at the two unconscious and four silent pendants on the tree, William urged without hesitation:

"Hurry up, find a way to open that crystal dungeon for me! As long as you open that dungeon, I'll take someone and leave immediately!"


"This... it's not a matter of getting things done."

Cardinal Reese, who was also hung upside down on the tree, coughed, and then explained weakly:

"Although the crystal dungeon was built in the Holy See, it is actually the property of the Heresy Inquisition. We really don't know how to open it. Grant, the only one who might know, was knocked unconscious by you again..."

"Then another way, you can call out the fossil giant hiding inside and ask him to open the door for me."

"This... he should have been frightened by you. It is estimated that other than Grant's orders, other people's words are probably useless..."

In other words... still have to wake up the old man in the wheelchair and talk about it?

After William frowned upon hearing this, he continued:

"Apart from the two comatose, you have four ninth-order cardinals here, can't you find a way to wake him up?"

"I'm afraid not... The reason why Grant has been in a coma all the time is mostly due to the chaos caused by the reset of the prisoner in his body. Our healing magic is useless, right?"


Ahhh... Do I have to wait for the wheelchair old man to wake up by himself, or drag him back to the crystal dungeon with him?

And just as William carried the Pope Tree back to the location of the crystal dungeon and began to consider the possibility of dragging this thing back to Flange, the huge dragon-shaped shadow blocked the westward sun and cast a shadow on the surrounding ground. huge shadow.

When William narrowed his eyes and looked up, a familiar figure in armor and a gun jumped down from the back of the pure white dragon, and shouted with a pale face:


Staring at the six familiar figures on the tree canopy, after confirming the identities of these people, the towering chest of the Black Saintess heaved violently twice, and she felt a swirling feeling climb the back of her head, accompanied by it. There was also a feeling of suffocation like being hit by a sap, which blocked her eyes from Venus, and almost fainted on the spot.

"This... are you doing all of this?"

"Ah, have you come back from trouble?"

Chao didn't know why, but after Kieran, who looked a little staggered, smiled, William set the Pope up on the ground again, and then said with a slightly embarrassed expression:

"Although you may not believe it, I really just wanted to help at first, but I don't know why the scene is getting more and more noisy... um... Did I go a little too far?"


The four cardinals hanging upside down on the tree nodded in unison.


The more than 100,000 guardsmen who were lying on the ground nodded silently.


The old Pope, who hung all the high-ranking personnel of the Holy See, swayed violently.

"Yes... a little..."

The black-faced Saintess with a complicated expression gritted her teeth, and then her lips turned pale and said:

"So...what are you going to do now?"

How to do it?

William raised his eyebrows involuntarily.

Just finish it normally, first pull Melanie out of the crystal dungeon, and then...

["I want to completely destroy the Holy See of Light! Bury the entire holy city underground! All the clergymen will not be left behind!"]

? ? ?

Wait a minute? What the hell?

[Looking at Kieran's stunned eyes with despair, the corners of your mouth can't help but lift slightly, and there is a hint of playfulness in your eyes]

[At the moment when the strongest pope has been abolished, no one in the Holy See of Light is your enemy, and the six cardinals, who are the mainstay, are also killed and injured by your plan, and they are guarding more than 100,000 people. The army's face was hung upside down on a tree, and since then, his face has been disgraced, and he is no longer qualified to stand in front of the stage to dominate the overall situation.

The Holy See of Light at this time, although it is huge in size and still has extraordinary strength, but the heart and energy of two thousand years of hard work have been dissipated by you personally, and all the internal wrists that can restrain and balance have also been controlled by you one by one. Only breaking it with one's own hands is no longer worthy of becoming a shackle restricting the development of Flange.

And the most important thing is that as long as someone can stand up and turn the tide at this moment, they can successfully gather people's hearts, and use this to enter the Holy See of Light, take over the corpse of this behemoth that has not yet rotted, and then control the largest human empire on the entire Austrian continent. ! 】


When he heard this, William couldn't help but smack his lips.

Ah this... don't you think so?

【"Impossible! I won't let you do this!"】

[After hearing your declaration that you are going to destroy the Holy See of Light, the woman who is already covered with scars on the opposite side clenched her teeth. Even though she knew that this move would definitely lead to death, she still resolutely raised the spear in her hand.

The dazzling tip of the spear dipped in the afterglow of the setting sun, reflected in the desperate eyes of the more than 100,000 guardsmen, and suddenly there was a tragic and unrepentant blood.]

[Very well, that's it. 】

[Looking at the tip of Kieran's spear that is gradually no longer trembling, you seem to have seen her pierce the confusion and hesitation, and regain her ideals and beliefs. You can't help but slightly upturn the corners of your mouth, revealing a satisfied smile]

[The more determined and tenacious soul, the more able to see the true self in desperation, and after breaking through the fog, the soul that becomes invincible again, once again dipped in its own color a little bit, will serve you for you Bring supreme pleasure! 】


System... I haven't seen you for a few days, why are you playing more and more perverted...

【"Nice eyes!"】

[After glancing at the hundreds of thousands of hopeless escorts around you, you deliberately raised the volume, and a playful voice resounded on the battlefield, reaching the ears that had fallen into despair.

"Hehe, I didn't expect that in the huge Holy See of Light, you were the only one who discovered my plan!

It's a pity that even if you succeeded in seeing through my disguise, you were stumped by these idiots, and you lost the possibility of killing me in advance time and time again.

But now, as a reward for daring to raise a weapon at me, I can give you a chance to redeem everything!

bring it on! Please please me with the spear in your hand! As long as you can defeat me, you will still have a chance to save the Holy See of Light for which you have dedicated everything! "]


ok...i have guessed what script you got this time...

[Looking at Kieran, who was rushing towards you with a long spear in his hand, with his eyes full of death, you couldn't help but raise your head slightly and cast a sympathetic look at her]

【Poor fool! Come! Charge on me, usher in a hearty and great victory, and use this to climb to the highest peak that belongs to you!

And you, who have successfully ascended the throne of the Pope, will become the most solid stepping stone under my feet when I try to climb higher! 】

【The Stone of Climbing the Top】

[Task 1: Issue a declaration to destroy the Holy See of Light 0/1]

[Mission 2: Have an extremely fierce battle with Kiran, and lose 0/1 in the battle]

[Task 3: Help Kieran take advantage of the situation to ascend to the position of Pope, and use this to gain enormous influence in the Holy See of Light and even in the entire Holy Empire 0/1]

After reading the specific requirements of the mission, William only felt a toothache.

big brother! Your plan is too stupid, right? Is it true that all the people in the Holy See of Brightness have not graduated from prenatal education, and their per capita IQ is lower than 20?

Not to mention that there are rumors about the scandal between me and Kieran, and they have long been identified as a group. Just losing to her in public is too fake. No one can believe it at all, okay?

Don't you think about it, I just turned over six ninth-order professionals in a row, and also beat and laid down hundreds of thousands of guardians. All of these people present have seen it with their own eyes.

As for Kiran's strength, although she is not weak, she is only at the peak of the seventh rank now? Even if you count the middle-aged female dragon of the eighth order, it is not enough to see!

And the person who knocked down six ninth-order professionals one second, was knocked down by a seventh-order opponent in the next second, you... are simply pressing everyone's IQ to the ground and rubbing it, okay?

In short... I can't take it, I can't take it, this task is too Nima!

Because the content of the task was too outrageous, William couldn't help shaking his head.

If you want me to say, it's better to just follow my plan, just catch these six people on the tree, feed them more than ten kilograms of black bread, force them to swear by the Styx that they will never pay back, and then order...

[Please note that whether this task can be completed or not will have a huge impact on the historical process of the entire Austrian continent, so the rewards will also be extremely rich…]

You ride a horse... This is not a matter of rewarding and not rewarding at all, right? Under the current situation, how crazy would they have to be to let Kieran be the Pope! you…

[There is a high probability of obtaining a finished artifact or a fake artifact set]


You... your mission sounds nonsense... but it seems... it's not impossible to try it...


Seeing William, whose expression changed again and again, sometimes gritted his teeth and sometimes was full of surprises, Saintess Cie Hei couldn't help frowning, and repeated her question again.

"Now that it's like this, how are you going to end it?"

ah? Oh! Closing, yes! ending!

After struggling from the temptation of the finished artifact, William, who looked a little dazed, licked his lips. He first smiled at Saintess Cut Black, and then he controlled the [Burning Sacred Fire] whose proficiency had greatly increased, and slowly put himself on his back. into the air, and then...

"I want to completely destroy the Holy See of Light! All the clergy... not a single one!!"


Seeing William, who was clearly preparing some extremely dangerous magic trick, the six pendants on the Pope's tree, and the more than 100,000 guardsmen who were lying down on the ground all trembled. This sudden and violent collective act of inhaling cool air almost evacuated the surroundings directly.

Since William had always been "merciful" before, most of the people present held a fluke in their hearts, thinking that he might be worried about the Pope's pursuit, or for some other reason, he didn't want to really destroy the Holy See, and it was achieved. After some purpose, it will go away on its own.

However, the appearance of this declaration directly awakened everyone present, and the more than 100,000 guardsmen looked miserable. Just like a huge meteorite suspended in the air, it will fall down at any time and destroy everything!

He... what is he doing? !

After reaching out to block the extremely dazzling light, the Black Saintess couldn't help frowning.

Others don't know what that light is, but she, who has been in contact with William a lot, has seen this light many times. Although William has never admitted it, she has vaguely guessed when this light will appear.


After a light call, Kieran jumped on the back of the flying middle-aged female dragon, and one person and one dragon rose into the sky and came to the opposite side of William, who was pretending to be in the air.

"William, what are you doing? You said these words..."

"Hahaha! After seeing the tragic situation of the wastes below, do you still have the courage to challenge me? (Reading) (Super loud

"What are you talking about? When did I..."

"Very good! As expected of the saintess of the Holy See of Light, even if she knew she was going to die, she still waved her weapon at me, but I despised you! (Reading) (extra loudly


"Then come on! As long as you can beat me, what if you let the Holy See of Light go? I'll give you this chance to save everything with my own hands! (Holding reading) (Very loud voice

The two of you dare to be more fake?

Looking at the sky, you shot and I punched, and the battle was turned into a turn-based dog man and woman, and some of the bruised ** pendants were shaking with anger, and even the Pope Tree that hung them was shivering. up.

"This... this is too insulting!"

The one-eyed old scalp Saro spit out a mouthful of stagnant blood, as if a ten-year-old constipation patient had met a fake Kaisailu, the tendons on his neck arched one by one, and it seemed that the blood vessels might burst at any time.

"I...I'm going down! I'm going to fight with them!"


And just when several pendants were all red-faced and nodded in unison, a thin palm of UU Reading brought a strong wind, and a big fight firmly covered the back of the one-eyed old man's head.

"Be honest!"

After reaching out and stunned the restless one-eyed old man, the head of the Heresy Inquisition, who had been "in a coma", opened his eyes, looked around at the few pendants beside him who were both surprised and happy, and said in a low voice with disgust:

"Idiot! He's been beaten several times and still can't understand the severity! Do you really think he can't do what he said?

In this situation, he is still willing to accompany Kieran to act on it, instead of killing the holy city with blood, you should just go and have fun! "

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