Chapter 716:This Side Effect is Awesome

Diamond Palace Lord

Chapter 716 Diamond Palace Master

Seeing that Aman, a natural resource insect, traded a large amount of natural capital beads, this undoubtedly made Song Ankang guess. Either the natural resource insect Aman's cultivation base is relatively high, and it should be above the third grade, otherwise how can he get such a short time? Multi-day seed beads.

It is not easy to breed Tianzi beads, and it takes a lot of time and energy, so Tianzi beads are also a precious resource for Tianzi worms.

If this is not the case, then behind the Talented Insect Aman, there is still a group of people. At least this group has several Talented Insects, or even more.

Regardless of the possibility, this is a good thing for Song Ankang, which means that the transaction between them can continue for a long time.

After absorbing 300 rank seven Tianzi beads, the World Tree seedlings in Song Ankang's body grew to more than three feet smoothly, which further stabilized Song Ankang's body space and solid foundation.

The number of leaves on the world tree seedlings also reached 360, and Song Ankang took out 350 and exchanged for 1,000 celestial beads.

Aman, a natural talent bug, is really rich and powerful. He has sold more than 1,500 natural seed beads to him in a short period of time, and watching his behavior is not distressed at all. Obviously, there are more natural seed beads waiting to be traded. However, the World Tree seedlings on Song Ankang's side were in short supply.

And the demand for the leaves of the world tree seedlings is so great that one worm, Aman, should not be able to eat so much, so there should be a group behind it.

Song Ankang guessed, and continued to send Tian Zizhu to the roots of the world tree seedlings to promote the growth of the world tree seedlings.

At the same time, Song Ankang's cultivation realm has also reached the pinnacle of the platinum county king, and the polishing is extremely round, so he can break through.

Song Ankang recovered his energy to the extreme and came to the retreat, ready to attack the realm of the Diamond Palace Master.

The surging Genesis Qi flows through the 30,000-layer Genesis Qi Golden Bell Cover and the inner world, constantly launching waves of shocks, orderly and orderly, like a well-trained soldier.

Song Ankang commanded calmly and attacked the bottleneck dam.

"Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom..."

According to the situation of the bottleneck dam, Song Ankang adjusts the size and speed of the source gas. The impact on the bottleneck dam is not as strong as possible. If the force is too large, sometimes it will not only fail to break through the bottleneck dam, but will be destroyed by the shock force. The six internal organs and essence, qi and spirit, let alone breaking through the bottleneck and shackles, it is still unknown whether they will survive.

Needless to say, the impact force is too small, it will only waste Origin Qi in vain.

If the strength is large enough, of course, it can break through the bottleneck shackles, but it will also break down the bottleneck dams and the inner world together, and the death will be even worse.

However, this situation rarely occurs under normal circumstances, and the impact of the bottleneck dam is also a dangerous process, with a large chance of backlash.

In each local ground technique, there are detailed methods of impact, and even the details of how much force each impact requires, where to impact, and a promotion of a small realm, at least one can write hundreds of books. , the number of words can reach more than billions.

Especially in high-level practice, the description will become more and more detailed. Take the Great Ceremony as an example. The fifth-layer spiritual practice and breakthroughs are enough to fill dozens of libraries. It is also the largest library on earth, and it is conceivable how much content is in it.

But this may be surprising to ordinary people, and it is difficult to memorize it in this life, let alone master it, but for the Immortal Venerable of the third grade, wanting to memorize these things is just a matter of scanning the immortal soul. .

As the immortals of the third grade, they basically have the ability to remember them, even far beyond them.

For the immortals of the third grade, it is not difficult to memorize things, but it is difficult to comprehend these things, and to comprehend every word and sentence thoroughly.

Cultivation is not a child's play. As long as there is one sentence that is not understood properly, what awaits the practitioner is disaster. In light of it, there is no progress, in the worst case, death and Taoism will disappear. If you understand the wrong martial arts secret technique, it is so terrifying.

Fortunately, Song Ankang's comprehension is amazing, and even the martial arts secrets he practiced have been improved and improved by himself to become suitable for him, so there will be no problems.

In addition, these martial arts secrets can be considered as tailor-made improvements, which are extremely suitable for Song Ankang, and they should not be too silky to practice.

With the impact of waves, cracks appeared in the bottleneck dam soon. Since there are cracks, it means that this impact is almost certain.

Song Ankang accelerated the intensity and rhythm of the impact, the bottleneck dam became more and more fragile under his impact, and there were more and more cracks on it.


At a certain moment, along with a wave of heavy blows, the bottleneck dam collapsed suddenly, Song Ankang's cultivation realm also stepped into a new level, and this is the extremely critical moment.

Song Ankang absorbed the gifts brought by the breakthrough with all his strength, and expanded his internal space at an astonishing speed. The internal space, which was originally only 100,000 square kilometers, was soaring at a speed visible to the naked eye.

100,000 square kilometers...110,000 square kilometers...120,000 square kilometers...160,000 square kilometers...200,000 square kilometers... all the way to 300,000 square kilometers!

Under normal circumstances, the internal space of the Glory Emperor is about 300,000 square kilometers to one million square kilometers. At this moment, Song Ankang has just stepped into the ranks of the Diamond Palace Master, and the internal space has already caught up with the Glory Emperor's internal space. It is equivalent to leveling the internal space of the Emperor of Glory.

Moreover, with the assistance of World Tree seedlings and various tailor-made martial arts secrets, Song Ankang's spirit and energy can basically swept through the realm of the glorious emperor. The realm of five products.

Even the gap between him and ordinary angels has probably shrunk to about dozens of times. When Song Ankang steps into the ranks of the Glory Emperor, the gap between him and ordinary angels can even be increased by several times. At that time, maybe he really can. Going against the gods, crossing a major street.

If it succeeds, it will definitely cause a sensation in the Profound Desolate Continent. After all, there are very few records in history that can defeat the heavenly immortals with the body of the earth immortal, and it is not possible to produce one in millions of years, which shows that it is rare and rare.

However, with Song Ankang's style of behavior, even if he is really able to defeat the gods and succeed, he will not expose it, and he will not let it fall on him, otherwise it will definitely bring him disaster. , even in the calamity of death, the shoulders of him and the human race are still too fragile.

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