Chapter 388:Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 375

*Chapter 375: Mysterious Tablet *

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I stared at the mysterious tablet. [5]

“Why is it in Japanese…”

On the stone tablet were the familiar hieroglyphs found on magic circles. This one looked particularly complicated to my layman’s eye, but the part that really caught my attention was the centre…

“A Teleportation Tool?”

I read the Japanese words out loud, suddenly, the side of the stone tablet popped open with a rattle.

“What the-”

[5] An old-fashioned book fell out. [1] I looked inside and found that it was all written in Japanese.


If you have this book in your hands, you are most likely Japanese.

This tablet is a Magical Transportation Tool [5].

By the way, this is a masterpiece I created through tremendous effort.

I do not wish for it to be abused, but as it is an item that contained a lot of memories, I could not bring myself to destroy it.

Therefore, I have decided to place it in the hands of my fellow world traveller.

You may have some doubts, however, never fear. I have included a guide on how to use this device.

I hope you make good use of it. >>

“…so, it was really created by a Japanese person. I wonder, was he summoned into this world through that Hero Summoning thing?”

That pig king from Reijseger did say that they performed ‘An ancient hero summoning ritual’, [5] so that pretty much meant this ritual has existed for a long time.

[5] Fascinated, I was about to turn the next page when Fer’s voice said, [3] “Oi, we’re done with this side. [5]”

Shocked, I quickly dumped the book and tablet into my [Item Box].

I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling that I really should not let Fer know about this yet. [1] Let’s read it slowly later.

“A-ah, just about,” I said as I continued to stuff random things into my [Item Box].


“Whew, we’ve collected everything,” [5] [6] That’s right, we’ve swept the place clean of every single bit of shiny and valuable looking things. I straightened up and saw Fer and the others looking intently at something. [5] [5]

“What are you guys looking at?” [5] [5]

“[5] It’s a magic circle, it’s rare to see something like this outside of dungeons.”

It was indeed a magic circle. It had been buried underneath all the treasure just now. It looked a bit faded, but the pattern was still visible.

“What sort of magic circle?” [7] I have suddenly developed an interest in magic circles.

“Most likely a teleportation circle,” [5] [5] [4] “[6] Like the ones in dungeons? I know that Adventurer’s Guild uses magic tools to send letters, so that’s a kind of teleportation or transportation circle too, right?”

[4] “Umu, the standard rule is, the bigger the object and the further the distance, the more complicated the magic circle is.”

“Well, this one sure looks complicated.”

[4] “Still, it’s not enough to transport everything in here in one go, also, the distance travel isn’t too far,”

[4] “I guess it made sense for the Bandit King to travel in and out of this place via a magic circle than to go through that.”

That being the very long and trap-filled passage. [5] [5] [8]

“Right, it’s decided. Let’s use this,” said Fer as he stepped forward.

“Um, Fer, are you sure? Do you know where it leads to?”

“No, but it can’t be far. Well? Step on it.” [5]

“Can you at least make a guess?”

“Mm, probably the foot of this mountain,”

“Where the… Black Baboons are…?” [5] [6] ““Ugh! Black Babboons, we’re going to see those again?””

[8] ““Sui will pew pew them~!””

…I guess there’s really nothing for me to worry about, but just in case…

“Ah, the barrier you put on me is…”

“It’s still there. Grr, why are you such a worrywart?”

“It’s called being cautious! Can you imagine what would happen if we teleported into the middle of a troop of Black Baboons and one of them throws a stone at my head and my brain exploded like a watermelon!!?”


“Umu, there, I reinforced your barrier again. Just step into the magic circle. I’m going to activate it soon.”

Fer basically nudged me into the circle even as my other two familiars hopped in with me.

“Right, let’s go.”

The magic circle powered up.

A floaty feeling came over me and when the light subsided enough, I found that we had really teleported into the middle of a forest.

[6] Aaand, I should really watch my words.

“Hey, um, this…” I automatically shrank back as yellow eyes stared at us from all around. Powerful muscular bodies under thick black fur flexed as their lips curled back to reveal their fangs.

“Umu, this must be the Black Baboon’s base.”

““Arrghhh!! There are more of them than before!!”” Dora-chan howled as ice spears suddenly formed around him.

““Yay~ fight! Fight!””

“Uwo, uwo, uwo!!”

“Geh, geh, geh!”

“Uwoh! Woh!”


Suddenly, as one, the black seething mass pounced at us, the invaders of their land.

“Uwaah!!” I threw myself onto Fer’s back even as Claw Slash formed at the end of his paw.

The Claw Slash cut a path through the seething bodies and we all dashed forward.

“Let’s go, everyone! Same tactic as before!”

““Yeahhh!! Come at me, you dummies!!””

““Sui will defeat them ~!”” [5] [6] And, here we go again.

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I had not heard about it up until now but according to Fer, until a few hundred years ago, there was a person who understood the magic circle of teleportation to a certain extent. Of course, it seems that there were few people who could understand and draw the complicated magic circles related to teleportation.

Fer said that the bandit king might have kidnapped such a person and made him draw it for him. I remembered the story that even the Adventurers Guild uses teleportation magic tools, and when I asked if people and big things could be transported together, they asked me instead.

Gumi: …isn’t it OOC for Fer to know this?

Fer: Humph, as though I would ever take an interest in the puny lives of these miserable worms.

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Fer: Like, whatever, don’t care.

Gumi: …Valley! Fer

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Fer: Slay, bitch.

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