Chapter 389:Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi

Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Circle Run

Translated by Zzonkedd

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““Hey, those dumb apes stopped following us. Guess we’re out of their territory, huh?””

“Umu, I expect so,”

““Ehh~? It’s all over~??””

“Hahh… we finally made it out,” [3] I finally loosened up my grip on Fer’s fur and flopped bonelessly on his back, exhausted.

““Mu- want to beat up more…””

[8] “Sui, did you just say ‘mu’? Where did you learn that?! Fer! This is all your fault!”

[8] “Mu, what does it have to do with me?”

[8] “You did it again!! Stop setting a bad example for Sui!!”

[8] ““Aruji… was, was Sui bad?””

[8] Aaahhhh, Sui is trembling pitifully!

[8] “No, no, Sui isn’t bad. In fact, Sui did a very good job defeating so many Black Baboons.”

““Ehehe, really? Sui will work even harder!””

“Ahaha, that’s good. Ahem, anyway, we’re done for today. But, I’ll be counting on Sui if any of them attack us, alright?”


Oh, my sweet Sui, why do you like fighting so much?

It must be the bad influences around you, right? Right? [5] [5]

While it is a good thing that Sui is so powerful, I’d prefer it if she’s a bit more gentle and heartwarming.

Since I can’t bear to scold Sui, I can only stare fixedly at the two possible ‘bad influences’ around here.

“Mu, what is it?”

““Oi, whatcha looking at?!””


Even if I voice my complaints, their answer would be ‘what’s wrong with being strong?’.

I guess I should count my blessings and be thankful that Sui grew up to be a smart and well-behaved little Slime who doesn’t attack people indiscriminately or harm weak humans.

“Anyway, we managed to get plenty of coins, jewels, magic tools and other kinds of treasure,” [3] I said.

[9] “Umu, those treasure is our seed money for food, yes? With this much treasure, we can eat plenty of delicious food again. Yes?”

[9] ““Ou! Yesh!! Pudding! I want pudding as reward!””


“Yes, yes, I understand,” [7] after running about and expending energy fighting the Black Baboons, I’m sure my familiars are all very hungry.

[6] While I opened up [Net Super], I overheard my familiars chatting with each other.

“The number of traps in the cave was too much, still, it was an interesting experience. There were a few new ones I have never encountered before. As expected, quests from Gods are interesting.”

““Yeah! Too bad there were no monsters, but the traps were fun to look at when triggered.””

““Sui likes traps~~!””

“… …” trust my familiars to find traps that would have been fatal to ordinary people ‘fun and interesting’.

I definitely don’t want to go through the whole thing again.

As for Fer saying that quests from gods are interesting, surely, Demiurgos- sama sent me there to collect the treasure and not to experience ‘interesting traps’, right? Right?

[6] “Right, I bought the desserts, but I think we should have a proper meal before eating sweets. For that, let’s find a nice clearing first, alright?”

“Hmm, fine, let’s go.”

““Let’s get there quickly, I’m hungry!””

““Sui, too~!””

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By the time we reached a clearing and set up camp, it had already grown dim.

The clearing we found was close to what could be considered a public road. Dinner was hotpot, as requested by Dora-chan. [1] While mulling over what kind of hotpot to make, Fer declared, “I want Turtle Hotpot,” [5]

So, it was decided.

That evening, we had Turtle Hotpot.

[10] Luckily, I had the foresight to par-boil soft-shelled turtle meat and remove the lye back in Carenina on days when we had nothing much to do. Otherwise, it would have taken a really long time before we could even start eating the hotpot.

[10] I don’t have a problem with waiting, but my familiars would throw a fit, or at least bother me with numerous reiterations of ‘Is it done yet? Is it done yet?’ throughout the cooking process. Another reason why I carry so much pre-made food.

Tonight’s Soft-shelled Turtle Hotpot was done pretty quickly and we all enjoyed it very much, right down to the rice soup finale.

“Umu, meat is still the best, but turtle is not bad,”

““Oof, nothing like that last bit of rice and soup at the end burp,””

““It was delicious ~~””

“You guys still want your dessert?”


“Of course,”


[5] [5]

“Since everyone did so well, here’s a big cake for Fer and one for Sui. Dora- chan, you get an extra-large pudding.”

[10] ““Woohoo!!”” Dora-chan zoomed around the camp twice. Fer was as expressionless as ever. Well, his face was at least. His tail, however, was waving at top speed. Sui, was literally trembling with excitement.

“Okay, let me fetch the box,” I opened up my [Item Box] and withdrew a cardboard box containing Fer’s favourite Strawberry Shortcake; Dora-chan’s Strawberry Pudding Sundae, Banana Pudding Sundae and five standard Custard Puddings; Sui’s Extra-large Chocolate Cake filled with lots of chocolate cream sandwiched between a light chocolate sponge and decorated with glazed fruits.

“Well, there you go,”

Dora-chan nearly landed face-first into his Strawberry Sundae Pudding. Fer had cream all over his face and a strawberry stuck to his cheek, ah, nope, it’s gone now. Sui had oozed over her cake but the digestion rate was very slow, she was clearly determined to fully enjoy it.

[5] [5]

While everyone was busy devouring their extra portions of sweets and desserts, I slowly sipped my Blue Mountain Drip Coffee.

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Within the cube-shaped house made with Earth Magic.

[6] I was huddled in a far corner, away from the warm futon nest where Sui and Dora-chan had cuddled up to Fer. [2] It looked really nice and toasty, especially since the weather was getting a bit cold and Fer’s fluffy fur looked really inviting, but I had something important to do.

I had tucked myself inside my futon, [6] not only for warmth, but also to prevent the light from my electric lantern from leaking out.

After making sure all was quiet, I took out the book on the Magical Teleportation Tool that was hidden in that stone tablet. [5]

Since it was written by a fellow Japanese, I was desperately curious to see what was inside.

The book mentioned that it contained instructions on how to use the device, but what else could be found there?


I cautiously flipped through the pages, relying on the faint LED light to read the fading letters.

[Gumihou: Eguchi Ren-san, do remember you have already done a bit of character development, so please don’t rehash old scenes that are not relevant anymore? The toddler has grown up and doesn’t need diapers.]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information.

Deleted a scene where Dora-chan was talking about having an extra stomach for dessert. Which is… not bad, if this had been at least 150 chapters ago or after they had gorged on endless numbers of stalls and actually say something like ‘I can’t eat anymore’. The ‘eh, wow, you guys can sure eat’ remark falls rather flat in this chapter, just like Mukouda’s sudden lack of spine in the previous chapter.

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – More realistic response to Sui’s ‘mu’. Replaced a rather lacklustre and filler-ish dialogue.

[9] Fer and Dora-chan were being too polite in this chapter.

Dora-chan: Oi, what’s that? Want to pick a fight, huh?

Gumi: Yes, that angry small man energy fits Dora-chan well.

Fer: Hmph, he’s small but strong. Also, I don’t ask for things, I demand.

Gumi: Ah, that top apex predator behaviour fits Fer well.

[10] Author-san, a little more effort?

I ate soft-shelled turtle hot pot with Fer, and Dora-chan as well as Sui enjoyed the porridge.

“Umu. Meat is the best, but turtle is definitely not bad”

““Meat is delicious, but the porridge as last meal is awesome””

““It was delicious!””

It was like super dull.

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