Chapter 958:Turns Out I’m a Great Cultivator (I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot)


The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon still felt pissed, and opened his mouth again to spray a beam of destruction towards the corpse.

Only then did he raise his head contentedly, staring gloomily at Yang Jian and others, "Where's my master? It should have woken up."

Yang Jian and their faces showed strange expressions at the same time, and silently raised his finger to point to the place bombarded by the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon.

"Impossible! My master's body is immortal, his golden body will last forever, and Dao Yun surrounds him. He is golden and talented. What was that thing just now was pitch-black, and his whole body was even more stench. How could it be my master? You dare to tease me. ?!"

The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon widened his dragon's eyes and spoke viciously.

Da Hei said quietly: "Is there a possibility that your master fell into the cesspool."


The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon was stunned for a moment, and there was an ominous premonition in his heart, and then he carefully felt the breath of the corpse. Although the body was covered by the breath of the road, there was a faintly familiar breath. is its owner.

"Master, what's wrong with you, master, who beat you like this!"

It screamed and hurriedly leaned up, hoarse.

However, no matter how it called, the corpse of Chu madman could not give any response.

This corpse was originally full of divine power, but it was sealed by the Dao’s soil and fertilizer, and it only retained the last bit of strength. I wanted to die with Xiao Chengfeng and others. Dried.

This time, it didn't even have the last bit of divine power, and it was completely blocked.

Xiao Chengfeng immediately stood up and said sternly: "If I'm not mistaken, you made it like this yourself."

"I can also testify." Nan Nan nodded solemnly.

Dahei: "You can apologize for yourself."

"No! It's you, it's all because of you, I want to avenge my master!"

The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon's eyes were red, and a dangerous light burst out in his eyes, and he roared and killed everyone.

However, Qin Manyun and the others were able to draw an equal share with them before, but now that there are more undead and the others, the attack of the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon is naturally easily suppressed.

The drunkard raised his hand and pointed at the wine gourd, and the wine gourd immediately magnified a thousand times, bigger than the purple and black Dao- devouring dragon.

Immediately afterwards, the strong man roared and punched the Zihei Dao- devouring dragon, and a terrifying storm swept out, bombarding the Zi-hei Dao- devouring dragon, blasting its scales open.

The undead raised his hand solemnly, and a mass of gray flames fell on the body of the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon. In an instant, like a fire meeting fuel, it spread to the whole body and burned raging. This is the fire of the undead, fueled by vitality. , burn life!


Qin Manyun sat cross-legged in the void, his skirt fluttered, and he played with both hands. One after another qin sound swept across the avenues, causing the avenues between heaven and earth to converge, forming a world of music wrapped around the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon. Its ears and even every pore of its body enter, affecting its soul.

At the same time, she did not forget to remind: "Three seniors, your attacks should not be too ruthless, try not to smash the flesh of the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon, we have to bring it back to make game for the masters."

Yang Jian nodded immediately, "Yes, Miss Qin reminded me that the unique game in the world must not be missed."

"A sword separates life and death."

The long sword in Xiao Chengfeng's hand swept across, and the shocking sword light shone on the sky, slashing on the body of the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon.

Da Hei also raised his dog's claws, and the huge dog's claws kept slapping on Zihei Dao-devouring Dragon's body.

At this time, the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon faced the suppression of the three Xeons, the drunkards, the powerful and the undead. No matter how strong they were, they could not turn the waves. Although Yang Jian and others had not yet entered the Xeon, their attacks were already extremely terrifying. Taking the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon as a target makes it unbearable.

"Roar! Despicable, ** it! How many of you bully people are not so good, you have the ability to fight me one-on-one!"

The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon roared aggrievedly, struggling frantically but to no avail.

Da Hei said lightly: "Do you think we are stupid, don't beep for game, just be obedient and capture it, so as not to ruin your good meat."

"I am too angry, you toads are also worthy of eating Tianlong meat?"

The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon was furious to the extreme, and it had decided that even if it exploded its body, it would not let this group of people sully.

However, the undead saw its intention, his eyes flickered slightly, he raised his hand, and the quaint coffin rushed out of the magma with a "squeak" sound, and a burst of deadly suppressed seals. Force suppresses the body of Zihei Dao-devouring dragon to prevent it from self-destructing.

The undead relied on this coffin to suppress this chaotic fire and kill, and now it is suppressed on the Zihei Dao-devouring dragon alone, which naturally makes it unbearable.

"Be careful, don't destroy its flesh." Qin Manyun reminded again.

This sentence is undoubtedly murderous, making Zihei Dao-devouring dragon jump like thunder, incompetent and furious.

"Since we can't hurt it, let's join hands to cast the ban, so that its power will be completely lost." The drunkard suggested.

"it is good!"

The powerful and the undead naturally have no objection, and immediately nodded in response.

Their mana soared into the sky at the same time, surrounding the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon, and three powerful banning forces were suppressed together from three directions.

The drunkard laughed, "I'll ban Divine Consciousness!"

The undead said in a condensed voice, "I'll ban the fleshly body!"

The power man clenched his fist high, "I'll ban mana!"


The vision between heaven and earth shrouded the purple-black Dao-devouring dragon, making it weaker and weaker even when it struggled.

"Haha, be merciful."

But at this time, a faint laughter came out, and then, three figures slowly stepped on the void, and the pressure of the strong rose, causing the world to droop.

The power man's face sank slightly, "The chaotic man, you are here again!"

"The purple-black Dao-devouring dragon is the only one in the world. It's a pity to be banned like this. Give me a face and let it go."

One of the strongest people said indifferently, with a playful tone.

They have been hiding in the shadows, expecting the protector and the unknown to lose both, so that they can reap the benefits.

It's just that he never expected that Chu Kuangren's corpse would be defeated without knowing what was going on.

Any party being suppressed is not what they want to see, so at this time, they chose to stand up.

A murderous intent flashed in the drunkard's eyes, and he said in a low voice, "Let it go? What are you, such a big tone!"

The undead said disdainfully: "A group of hamsters hiding in the dark only dare to come out and jump around at this time."

"Do you think we are negotiating with you? In this situation, you are absolutely out of your control!"

The eyes of the three supreme powers were all flashing with cold light, and Peng Bai's mana violently rioted, raging out!

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