Chapter 649:When I Have Money

Yang Kun who needs attention

Yang Kun's arrival seemed like he was here to have a face-to-face meeting, which made Xue Xuan a little confused. Even if it was a visit to the class, it only took five minutes before and after, and it was just a simple question, so Xue Xuan felt a little confused.

In general, when visiting a class, why do you have to rest here for ten minutes or so, or the two are chatting and waiting for the production team to call to start shooting. But when Yang Kun arrived, he simply chatted, inquired about the current situation, gave some encouragement and left?

The manager looked at Jin Xuexuan in confusion and said, "He came here on purpose to care about you? Can't you say this on the phone? Did you make a special trip?"

A few words of concern, obviously can be simply said on the phone, but Yang Kun just made such a trip? This puzzled the broker.

On the contrary, the female stylist said in a puzzled manner: "This is to show whether a man is considerate! Although he just came over to care about it, the actual meaning of being there is completely different from talking on the phone."

In fact, what the stylist wanted to say was, 'Maybe Yang Kun has a good impression of Xue Xuan, so he made a special trip. ’ Because coming to the scene will make Seolhyun increase Yang Kun’s goodwill.

After all, during this period, most people comforted them on the phone, but Yang Kun approached Xuexuan to comfort them. She didn't know how to explain it except for having a good impression.

Yang Kun's affection for Xuexuan may be a little bit of a man's lust, because Xuexuan's figure is quite wonderful.

As for Yang Kun's visit, he is quite sympathetic to Xuexuan, obviously she has nothing to do with her, and now there is a voice on the Internet that she is an 'accomplice' who is standing by. Because of his sympathy for beautiful women, Yang Kun came to visit the class on purpose.

Well, it's sympathy for beautiful women. If Xue Xuan's appearance and figure did not meet Yang Kun's aesthetic, he would not have come.

After Yang Kun left the set, he drove his own manual gear, Xiaolan, and set off towards Li Zhien's company. Today, Li Zhien is going to the company to sort out his music, and Yang Kun has to go to record, because he has to prepare the music for next week.

Driving a car with a manual transmission, Yang Kun was driving under the scorching sun. When he passed a traffic light, there was a 'Mercedes-Benz C200' next to Yang Kun's car. Yang Kun glanced at it and turned on the 'N' mode, which made his car instantly agitated.

At the green light, Yang Kun stepped on the accelerator, and the vehicle rushed out quickly. In an instant, the Mercedes-Benz was thrown away. Of course, the city road began to slow down after a few steps, and Yang Kun's speed slowed down.

Yang Kun said with some regret: "Seoul doesn't have a track. Otherwise, drive this car to the track to play." It's just that for daily urban road driving, high-end cars with automatic transmission are much more comfortable, and the 'N' series Although the small steel cannon is powerful, it has no place to play.

The modern 'N' series bought with more than 200,000 Huaxia coins is not as good as buying a 'red-head TypeR' in Japan.


Soon, Yang Kun drove the vehicle to the company. At this time, Li Zhien was recording his own songs in the studio. After Yang Kun pushed in the door, he watched Li Zhien discussing something with the company's musicians.

After watching Yang Kun come in, Li Zhien said suspiciously: "Oh, here it is? You can sit down for a while, I will record the songs here for you."

Yang Kun nodded and said, "Well, don't worry about me, you can do your own thing first." With that, Yang Kun took out his mobile phone, and at the same time took out a wireless earphone from his pocket and put it on.

He has to wait for Li Zhien to finish his work before he can ask Li Zhien to help with the recording. During the waiting period, Yang Kun thought about watching the video, and even going to see the reaction of Huaxia after he appeared in "Delicious Square".

Because there are a lot of Korean variety shows on Xiaopo Station, of course Yang Kun wants to see everyone's comments.

Yang Kun took out his mobile phone and looked at the 'Xiao Po Station' that had not been transported. Because of the language translation problem, it may not be uploaded until the evening.

When he was bored, Yang Kun changed his Korean mobile phone and logged in 'ins'. In fact, he has not used this software for a long time, and recently he wants to apply for a new account to let more people know about him.

What Yang Kun wanted was to let Zhien, Taeyeon, etc. all follow him, so that his account could grow quickly.

Yang Kun did not use the previous account, but applied for a new account. The user name was called "Yanghunhun", but it was applied with a symbol in the middle. After applying for the account, Yang Kun immediately followed Taeyeon, who has 15 million followers.

"Hey, live?" Yang Kun clicked in, and Taeyeon was sharing her hair dyeing experience with her fans. Yang Kun listened for a while and left a message: "Milk skin, Kim Taeyeon." Then he copied the message and sent several messages.

Taeyeon finally saw Yang Kun's message: "Milk skin, Kim Taeyeon? Who are you? This English name sounds familiar."

"Yang Kun!" "Yang Kun" "Yang Kun"

Looking at the name floating in the barrage, Taeyeon said with a smile, "Ah, Yang Kun, are you all right? You're actually watching my live broadcast at this time?"

Yang Kun sent in the barrage: "I'm in the recording studio, waiting for the recording."

Seeing Yang Kun in the recording studio, Taeyeon said, "Recording? Did you write a new song again? Have you written a new song now and won't show it to me? You've changed!"

"Chinese, do you want to sing?"

Taeyeon responded with a smile: "Chinese, hahaha, forget it, you should go to Yoona. She is very good in Chinese!"

Yang Kun said, "I'm following you, waiting for you to follow me."

Taeyeon replied: "OK, wait a minute, you pass me your account with 'Kakao', and I'll follow it."

The reason why Taeyeon asked Yang Kun to use Kakao to deliver news was to ensure that the account was Yang Kun himself. Although the account name he is using now is called 'Yang Kun', who knows if it is true?

Yang Kun responded: "Okay, this is the account I just applied for. You are the first person I follow. I'll look for the accounts of Pani, Yoona, and Shungui."

"I have it in my follower, you just follow it directly. Well, I have to chat with the fans."

Taeyeon continued to chat with her fans, while Yang Kun began to follow star idols, Taeyeon, Yoona, Pani, Lee Soon Kyu, and Lee Ji Eun, Seolhyun, and Irene.

After Yang Kun paid attention to them, he sent them news in Kakao and asked them to pay attention to himself.

Yang Kun put down the phone, and Li Zhien was still busy with his own affairs. And Yang Kun was about to go out, Li Zhien turned his head and glanced: "Where are you going?"

Yang Kun smiled and said, "I went to a nearby convenience store to buy ice cream. By the way, you can follow my account on 'ins'."

After Yang Kun bought the ice cream and came back, Yang Kun logged into his ins again.

Yang Kun said in surprise: "Well, the speed of this fan increase is too fast? Ten minutes, 50,000 fans?"

Li Zhien smiled: "I'm following you."

Yang Kun nodded, and now he has clicked on the watch list. It can be said that there are a lot of users. Let him find Li Zhien and others..

Yoona replied to Yang Kun's message: "Follow. Why did you remember opening 'ins'? No need for a scarf?"

Yang Kun replied to Yuner's message: "It must be used, what have you been doing recently?"

"I'm at home, and I haven't arranged any activities. What about you, what are you busy with recently?"

Yang Kun replied: "Hey, I've been busy making Chinese songs recently. I spoke on my scarf. I may upload a Chinese song every week for the next month."

After Yoona sent a 'laughing' emoji, the caption read: "That's good, I'll go listen."

"I'm getting bored."

Just when Yang Kun replied to Lin Yuner's message, Pei Zhuxuan replied to Yang Kun's message: "New account, nothing at all?"

"Thank you for your attention, I will post the first content right away!" Yang Kun logged into his 'ins' again and posted the first content: 'Hello everyone, I am Yang Kun, the video producer, please pay more attention to me 's YouTube channel! ’ The accompanying picture is a photo of Yang Kun himself holding a camera, with the majestic snow-capped mountains in the background.

Yang Kun thought for a while, then logged into his bib account again. He sent a message, "If you're interested in opening 'ins', you can pay attention. The song is in preparation for next week!"

The accompanying picture is a photo of the recording studio. Of course, Yang Kun deliberately chose the angle, and he did not take Li Zhien in the photo. Even Yang Kun even checked the soundproof glass reflection in the recording studio.


When Yang Kun was paying attention to her 'ins', Li Zhien sorted out her own songs. She smiled and said to Yang Kun, "I have already done it here. When will I start recording?"

Yang Kun thought for a while and said, "Take a I'm not in a hurry anyway, I can get it done in half an hour at most."

Li Zhien nodded, and then asked Yang Kun: "Why did you remember opening 'ins'?"

Yang Kun responded with a smile; "I had it before, but I haven't managed it for a long time, so I thought about applying for a new account today."

Li Zhien looked at Yang Kun with a smile, because last time Yang Kun said that he would take on the future with her. Recently, Yang Kun has become more active in pursuing his own fame. Even the attitude of laziness before has been restrained now.

Li Zhien looked at Yang Kun tenderly and said, "Are you trying to attract attention?"

Yang Kun nodded and said, "Well, I need some attention. And I'm still thinking about making my YouTube video account 5 million followers."

Li Zhien smiled and said, "Then you have to work hard. Five million video followers is not a small number. My YouTube only looks like two million. Do you know how much I follow on Instagram?"

"16 million!"

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