Chapter 7873:You Are My Rare Passion

because of money

Chapter 7865 Because of money

"Okay, since that's the case, then I'll just say it straight," Pan Wanru said with her head lowered, "Actually, I'm here to ask for your help, of course, it's not a white gang, it's a reward."

She clenched her fists and lowered her head a little lower: "This matter starts with my family.

My biological mother has been in poor health since she was a child and has a heart disease. The doctor advised her not to have children.

But after she married my dad, she wanted to give birth to a child for my dad. Later, she gave birth to me.

After giving birth to me, her body quickly deteriorated and she passed away when I was three years old.

More than a year after my mother passed away, my father was introduced to my stepmother.

Another year later, my dad married my stepmother, and the stepmother gave birth to a son for my dad..."

Speaking of this, she suddenly sneered at the corners of her mouth: "Speaking of this, I have to mention the reason why my father married my mother...

My biological mother is indeed beautiful, but since my grandfather and grandmother learned from the doctor that my mother could not have children, and that she might die if she gave birth to children, they fought for the rest of their lives not to let my mother fall in love and get married.

However, what is the girl's feelings that parents can control?

My mom met and fell in love with my dad at the best age.

As for my dad..."

She looked up at Gu Yiman and Chi Jiaojiao: "After my grandfather and grandmother found out that my mother liked my father, they went to my father and said that my mother can't get married, because if you get married, you may have children. Might kill my mom.

My grandfather and grandmother hope that my father can leave my mother, alienate my mother, and make my mother give up.

However, my dad didn't do that. He swore to my grandfather and grandmother that he loved my mother, and for my mother, he could dink.

My grandfather and grandmother still don't agree with them being together, but, you know, how many parents can handle this kind of thing?

In the end, they failed to stop it, and in the end, my mother married my father.

When my grandfather and grandmother were still alive, my dad did stick to his promise with my grandfather and grandmother and never let my mother get pregnant.

However, after my grandfather and grandmother passed away, my mother became pregnant..."

Gu Yiman: "...he...does it on purpose?"

Pan Wanru sneered at the corners of her lips: "It must have been intentional, but he kept telling me that my mother begged him for wanting a child.

My mother said that as a woman, it would be a lifetime regret not having a child of her own. He couldn't persuade my mother, but my mother secretly manipulated contraceptives and became pregnant with me.

He said that when he knew my mother was pregnant, my mother had been pregnant for more than three months.

The doctor said that my mother could not have an abortion, otherwise her life would be in danger. He could only leave me and accompany my mother to give birth to me. "

Having said this, she shook her head: "When my mother died, I was only three years old, and I have no memory of my biological mother, so I don't know if what he said is true or not.

But I guess, it's fake..."

"What about the evidence?" Gu Yiman asked, "What did you find that made you guess so?"

"The proof is what I asked for today," Pan Wanru said, looking at Gu Yiman, "My mother is an only daughter, when my grandfather and grandmother went, they left all their property to my mother, and I am my mother's only daughter, Should all the properties of my grandfather and grandmother belong to me?"

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