Chapter 7875:You Are My Rare Passion


Chapter 7867 Half Sugarism

"I understand," Gu Yiman said after a moment's pondering, "I need to think about this matter... In this case, you go back first, and I will contact you when I think about it, do you think this is okay?"

"Yes," Pan Wanru nodded and stood up, "I'm waiting for your good news."

She nodded slightly to Gu Yiman and left the office.

Gu Yiman looked at Chi Jiaojiao: "Jiaojiao, what do you think about this matter?"

Chi Jiaojiao yawned, listlessly: "I'll listen to you."

Gu Yiman: "...Jiaojiao, aren't all doctors in good spirits and refreshed?

Why do you look so listless and unable to wake up every day? "

"Who said that?" Chi Jiaojiao muttered, "I am in good spirits while growing herbs, drying herbs, and reading medical books!

I just can't listen to these people's stories, like a lullaby, I get sleepy after listening to them. "

Gu Yi Satisfied: "..."

All right.

She took it.

She said helplessly: "Okay, your mission is over, you can do whatever you like."

"Okay, call me if you have something." Chi Jiaojiao left happily.

Gu Yi Man shook his head.

Chi Jiaojiao is unreliable.

Who should I consult with?

After thinking about it, she is still the reliable little dancer!

Xie Hewu had no class in the afternoon, and had a full meal. Gu Yiman pulled her to sit down on the sofa, told her about Pan Wanru in detail, and asked her, "Sister, do you think we will take over this?"

"Take it!" Xie Hewu said without hesitation, "This is a good thing, a lot of money, why don't you pick it up?

However, you have to be cautious. First, send someone to investigate the Pan family to see if Pan Wanru is telling the truth.

Then, when sending someone to deal with this matter, let Pan Wanru rush to the front. He must be justified, occupy the commanding heights of morality, and not let others talk about it. "

"Well, good!" Gu Yiman called Gu Jinxiao and asked him to assign this task to the action team.

Her orders, Gu Jinxiao complied one by one, Gu Yiman finished explaining, and was about to hang up, suddenly remembered something: "By the way, tonight, there is one more thing, I need you to help me find out."

Gu Jinxiao immediately said, "Miss, you ordered."

Gu Yiman told the story of Ding Chanyi that he met in Jiangnan: "This matter, you can contact Xiang Zhao, who is next to my brother Yue, and ask him how Ding Chanyi's mother and daughter are doing now. Are you having a good time?"

"Okay eldest miss, I wrote it down," Gu Jinxiao said with a smile, "Eldest Miss is kind-hearted, she is the kindest girl I have ever met."

"Okay, don't compliment, let's go to work." Gu Yiman hung up the phone.

Xie Hewu asked her curiously: "Since you want to know about Ding Chanyi, why don't you ask Brother Yue yourself, why let me ask tonight?"

Gu Yiman said, "Brother Yue is so busy, I don't want to disturb him."

"Little fool!" Xie Hewu tapped her forehead, "Your brother Yue, I wish you could disturb him!

...No, no, you're looking for him, it's not a disturbance, it's a surprise! "

"No!" Gu Yiman defended, "Brother Yue is very busy with work, we are not together yet, it is better for me to disturb him less.

Even if we are together in the future, I have to stop bothering him.

The book says that both men and women in love and couples should follow the half-sugar principle when they get along. "

"It looks like you're not in love!" Xie Hewu shook his head, "Men and women who are in love can't wait to be together every second!"

"What about you, sister?" Gu Yiman asked playfully, "Do you and Brother Fu wish to be together every second?"

(end of this chapter)

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